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If you are dealing with commercial outdoor LED light strips, then it is almost a guarantee that they will be water-resistant. However, most LED lights are not waterproof. Water resistant means that you can leave it out in the rain and maybe in partial puddles for days and it functions normally. Waterproof means you can submerge it in water and leave it there for days without any damage occurring. If you want waterproof LED lights, then you will need to buy specialist lights that are designed for use underwater. read LED Facade Lighting

Can LED Light Strips Be Waterproof?

Most People Say Waterproof While Meaning Water Resistant

If you are looking for lights that are safe to use outside, then most outdoor LED lights will do the job. When LED lights are marketed as outdoor lights, the manufacturers understand that you want to put them outside in the wind, snow, rain, sleet, and sun. As a result, outdoor LED lights are pretty good at resisting the weather. In these cases, your LED lights are water-resistant.

Your outdoor LED rope lights are probably waterproof if they are of good quality. When LED lights are manufactured with a good-quality build, a good design, and with good materials, they can often withstand the elements very well. They can often withstand the elements so well that you could leave them in water for days and they would still function. Still, you probably shouldn’t submerge your LED lights in water unless they were designed to work underwater.

Most People Say Waterproof While Meaning Water Resistant

Better Quality LED Lights Are Required

If you are looking for commercial outdoor LED strip lights, you should not buy cheap lights. If you do, you will spend most of your time pulling them down and replacing them. When you buy cheap LED lights, you are buying lights that were thrown together quickly in the factory. They often feature a very bad design, and a bad technical build, and are often made with inferior materials.

As a result, they may be able to withstand the 30-day tests that mean they can promote themselves as outdoor lights, but in truth, they will be pretty useless to you. Their poor-quality build will mean they break and/or stop working more quickly. Plus, their poor build and their cheap materials mean they will not withstand the weather very well. They will break through a combination of wind, frost, and hail. If the lights are made of very cheap materials, then even the melting effects of the sun may render the lights unusable.

Finding The Right Lights For the Right Price

Never opt for the very cheapest LED lights because they are often poorly built, which means they will burn out very quickly. When you are shopping for LED lights, you should aim for value for money rather than trying to find the very cheapest prices.

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