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The heliport lighting market is set to grow by 4.31% CAGR during 2021-2025, which translates into a reasonable 18.93 million USD. This is not based on trends but is mostly based on current drivers and challenges. It turns out that the biggest driver of heliport lights market growth is the diversified way in which heliports are being used.

The Driver Pushing Most of the Heliport Light Market Growth

A heliport is also known as a helidrome or rotor station. It is a small airport suitable for use by helicopters and various other vertical lift aircraft. The use of helicopters is going to grow organically over the coming years, which will drive the lighting market for heliports, but as mentioned in the introduction, the mixed-use of heliports is the biggest driver. read LED Heliport Lighting

They are being used for helicopters, drones, surveillance vehicles, and even for delivery vehicles. Drone delivery is still a growing trend, and as more companies embrace it, more need safe areas for landing and taking off. You may think it can be done anywhere, but insurance companies are very wary of giving out policies to companies that are not taking all due precautions.

Heliport Lighting Market Will Grow At 4.31% CAGR During 2021-2025

Do Drones Really Need a Heliport?

Yes and No. A company could launch drones from any old roof, but insurance companies demand they are launched and landed in safe areas. Such areas need heliport lighting at the very least, which is why the diverse use of heliports is one of the primary drivers for the aviation lighting market.

Heliports Are Very Popular

It doesn’t seem at first mentioned that heliports would be any more popular now than they were 20 years ago, but helicopters are used far more these days. It is not just about police copters, ambulances, and live organ delivery. There are companies built on helicopter travel, from those doing guided tours of areas, to package delivery and travel companies sending helicopters up. Heliports are popular, which means heliport lighting is popular, hence the growth is both occurring and predicted to continue growing.

Do Drones Really Need a Heliport?

The Armed Forces Are Doing Their Bit

Turns out that another driving force behind the predicted market growth is the armed forces. The United Kingdom and the USA are both robust users of helicopters and heliports. They are big consumers when it comes to aviation obstruction lighting, and it seems that the demand is far from slowing. The use of drones by modern military installations is also why heliport lighting is popular. Robust and modern lighting has become more affordable and eco-friendly, so it is easy to see why so many companies and military elements are happy to invest in it.

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