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The supply of the materials used to make old fluorescent lamps is going down the drain. As a business person, you must consider improving your business’s lighting to a more energy-efficient system. For your refrigerator and freezer display lighting, consider LED cooler door lights

Why Opt for LED Cooler Door Lights

LED lighting system offers energy savings. It’s especially true for coolers and freezers. LED lights use 20w. Furthermore, LED light gives off less heat than fluorescent lighting. Thus, it can dramatically reduce the load on your compressors. 

Replacing Refrigerated and Freezer Cases with a More Energy Efficient System

Energy Savings and More

The main objective of retrofitting your cooler with LED for lights is energy savings. However, that’s not all these lights can do. The new lighting system can attract the attention of your potential buyers. The lights can provide a more uniform illumination that will surely highlight your products. In the merchandising business, how you present the product matters a lot. According to this report, “Zumtobel claims a fashion retailer in Germany saw its sales go up by around 12% compared to another local store after it installed a new lighting scheme specially designed to appeal to the personality profile of its target customers.” see LED Floral Display Case Lighting

Sustainability Goals 

Installing LED lights to replace fluorescent technology allows you to fulfill your store’s environmental sustainability goals. If you’re going to replace your old lighting system with LED, you can expect 60% energy savings. Many convenience stores in the US are now using LED cooler door lighting solutions to enhance product visibility while getting energy savings. 

Compressor Works Much Less 

Apart from providing you with the right display lighting solutions, you can also save watts by choosing LED lights. By saving watts, you can reduce the load on the compressor. Every light reduction will make the cooler’s compressor work much less. With that, it extends the life of the compressor or the cooler. 

Do You Need Better Lights for Your Cooler?

Re-Lamping Cycles

This new lighting solution extends the re-lamping cycles. Instead of a two-year cycle, it can go beyond five years. However, before you even consider a retrofit project, make sure to contact lighting experts to know what LED solutions are available for your cooler. 

If you wish to receive rebates and incentives, check with your local utility company. Some utility companies offer rebates so you can cut down on the initial investment. Any energy-efficient lighting project can have a 45% ROI. Thus, the savings you get can pay for the capital you made in less than 24 months. 

Do You Need Better Lights for Your Cooler? 

If you want long-lasting lights, you need to choose high-quality LED lights. Don’t settle for cheaply produced lights because they will not last long. But if you pay a few dollars more, then you are getting astronomical savings in the long run. Take a look at the offers of LED Pros World Wide. You can find some of the best cooler door lights on the market at industrial lighting fixtures. Call us today to know more (844) 533-7767



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