What Wattage for Outdoor Flood Lights Is Best?

industrial outdoor LED flood lights

The wattage depends on what you intend to use the lights for. If you are trying to create a mood within a beer garden, then smaller and dimmer lights would be needed than if you were looking to light a courtyard with industrial outdoor LED flood lights. Though there are no absolute rules for wattage because all outdoor areas are different, here is a rough guide to help you on your way.

High Wattage Lights

These are the sorts of lights you may use if you were lighting a large area. They are more commonly seen within industrial working areas. A LED light is considered high wattage if it has a wattage higher than 80 watts. LED lights with over 100 watts are often seen in big industrial areas, in large pedestrian areas, and in big car parks. There are roadside lights that are suspended very high in the air that reach 400 watts. If you have decided to opt for high wattage bulbs, they need to be positioned fairly high up, and they should be set in a way that makes it difficult to stare right into them without standing underneath and looking up.

Medium Wattage Bulbs

Your average industrial outdoor LED flood lights are often medium wattage bulbs, and they range from between 40 watts and 80 watts. These may not sound like very high numbers if you are used to fluorescent and traditional lights, but when it comes to LED lights, the 40 to 80 range offers a pretty meaty amount of light.

These are the sorts of lights that health and safety people love because they offer enough light to allow drivers to see clearly, to mark out hazards, and to allow people to work, but the light they offer is not distracting or overly blinding when it is reflected off of shiny surfaces.

Lower Wattage Bulbs

These are the sorts of lights you see very large office blocks, such as those with cubicles. Your lower wattage bulbs can range from anywhere up to 40 watts. In a large industrial space, a robust 40 watts LED light will cover a fair amount of ground. They are a little too bright to exist in small offices, canteens, etc., but can be used in warehouses and other places that do not require overly bright lights. They are functional, and people can work and read under them without having to strain themselves.

Working On The Best Quality LED Lights

The way that LED lights are built will alter how long they last. Any company can make LED lights that work, but it takes expert precision tooling to make lights that last a long time. That is why, when you are looking for LED lights, it is best to opt for the highest quality possible. You get far more value for your money when you buy top quality LED lights because they last far longer. On the other side of the scale, there are very cheap LED lights, and they can burn out very quickly, especially if they are in an industrial environment and/or are used outdoors. If you are looking for top quality industrial outdoor LED flood lights, then you should try LED Pros World Wide.


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