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LED Round Parking Garage Canopy with Uplight

From $200

Product Overview

The U-UPGC LED Round Parking Garage Canopy is a highly efficient, versatile lighting solution designed for various indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring a water-resistant housing and uplight capability, this LED canopy light is ideal for parking garages, warehouses, and other commercial spaces requiring robust, high-performance lighting.


Key Features

– Round design with uplight capability (8.9% to 14.8% upward light)

– High-efficiency LED drivers

– Water-resistant housing suitable for wet locations

– Optical lens made of high-quality PC material for even, soft light distribution

– Die-cast heat sink for optimal thermal management

– Photocell and motion sensor ready

– 0-10V dimming capability


Certifications and Compliance

– UL Listed

– DLC Premium Qualified

– FCC Compliant

– CE Certified

– RoHS Compliant


Technical Specifications

– Wattage Options: 45W, 70W, 90W

– Lumen Output: 6,300 lm (45W), 9,800 lm (70W), 12,600 lm (90W)

– Efficacy: 140 lm/W

– Color Temperature: 4000K, 5000K

– CRI: 70+

– Beam Angle: 156°

– Input Voltage: 100-277V

– Power Factor: 0.90

– IP Rating: Suitable for Wet Locations

– Operating Temperature: -22°F to 113°F (-30°C to 45°C)

– L70 Life: 50,000 Hours

– Dimensions: 12.6″ diameter, 4″ heigh


– Parking Garages

– Warehouses

– Low Ceiling Areas

– Hallways

– Underpasses

– Tunnels

– Mechanical or Electronic Processing Workshops

– Gas Stations

– Toll Booths

– Waiting Rooms

– Railway Station Platforms

– Indoor Stadiums


Customization Options

– Wattage selection: 45W, 70W, 90W

– Color temperature: 4000K, 5000K

– Optional controls:

  – Photocell control (JL-413C)

  – Motion sensor (BRI810-B-M8)

  – Remote controller (RC)

– Emergency backup battery option (BLD-CM20N-480800-8W)



5-year warranty


Ordering Information

Use the following model numbers to specify your desired configuration:


Example: U-UPGC-70-40 (70W, 4000K)


Additional Information

– Aluminum construction with polycarbonate lens

– White finish

– Photometric data available for precise lighting design

– Compatible with various control options for enhanced energy savings

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