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LED Garden Post Top Fixtures - TP500

From $328

Product Overview

The YR-TP500 Series by Yaorong is a versatile and high-performance Post Top LED Area Light designed for commercial and public space illumination. This innovative LED architectural area lighting solution combines powerful output, energy efficiency, and adaptable design to meet the diverse needs of parking lots, plazas, shopping malls, gardens, and roadways. With its sleek profile and advanced LED technology, the TP500 series offers superior illumination and significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting systems.


Key Features

– High lumen output: Up to 39,000 lumens for expansive coverage

– Energy-efficient: Utilizes Philips Lumileds 3030 LED chips for optimal performance

– Versatile application: Suitable for various outdoor commercial environments

– Dimmable functionality for customized lighting control

– Wide range of color temperatures: 3000K to 7000K options available

– Robust construction: Designed to withstand outdoor environmental challenges

– Easy installation: Fits 2 3/8 inch or 3 inch poles or tenons

– Optional photocell sensor for automatic operation


Certifications and Compliance

– IP65 Rated for wet locations


Technical Specifications

– Model options: YR-PT500-W50, W100, W150, W200, W300

– Power consumption: 50W to 300W (±5W)

– Lumen output: 6,500lm to 39,000lm

– Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 7000K

– CRI: ≥70

– Input Voltage: 100-277VAC or 180-528VAC

– LED Chip: Philips Lumileds 3030


– Working temperature: –30°C to +50°C

– Beam Angle Options: Type III (90°x140°) or Type V (120°)

– Dimensions: 558mm x 400mm x 558mm


– Parking lot illumination

– Plaza and public space lighting

– Shopping mall exteriors

– Garden and landscape lighting

– Roadway and street lighting

– Educational campuses

– Industrial facilities


Customization Options

– Multiple wattage configurations: 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W

– Color temperature selection

– Beam angle choice: Type III or Type V

– Dimmable option with 0-10V dimming (Blue “+”, White “-“)

– Photocell sensor integration available



5-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

To order the YR-TP500 Series Post Top LED Area Light, please specify:

  1. Model: YR-PT500-W[Wattage]
  2. Color Temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/7000K
  3. Beam Angle: Type III or Type V
  4. Dimming Option: Yes/No
  5. Photocell Sensor: Yes/No


Additional Information

– Easy maintenance with removable back cover for power supply access

– Package dimensions: 615mm x 595mm x 490mm

– Net weight ranges from 13.9kg to 15.0kg depending on the model

– Regular cleaning of the lens cover and heat sink recommended for optimal performance


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