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LED Architectural Area Lighting - Aurora Bell

From $748

Product Overview

The Aurora Architectural LED Lighting series by Crystal Lighting Corp. represents the pinnacle of commercial exterior illumination. This premier 20″ Bell luminaire, featuring optional decorative arms, combines cutting-edge LED technology with elegant design to deliver superior performance and aesthetic appeal. Engineered for longevity and efficiency, the Aurora series is the ideal choice for discerning commercial clients seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces with unparalleled lighting solutions.


Key Features

– High-efficiency LED technology

– Robust construction for outdoor durability

– Multiple light distribution patterns (Type 2, 3, 4, and 5)

– Excellent lumen output ranging from 6,492 to 23,340 lumens

– Superior energy efficiency with up to 162 lumens per watt

– Long-lasting performance with >200,000 hours rated life (L70)

– Versatile input voltage range (120-277V)

– Optional decorative arm choices for enhanced aesthetics


Certifications and Compliance

– Proudly manufactured and/or assembled in the USA


Technical Specifications

– Available wattages: 45W, 55W, 65W, 85W, 105W, 125W, 155W

– Color Temperature: 5000K

– Color Rendering Index (CRI): 70+

– Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

– HID Equivalents: 70W HPS to 400W PSMH

– Dimensions (AM model): 21.5″ x 20.25″

– EPA (Effective Projected Area): 1.6 (AM model)


– Commercial exteriors

– Parking lots

– Walkways and pathways

– Campuses and educational institutions

– Industrial facilities

– Recreational areas and parks

– Municipal lighting projects


Customization Options

– Choice of wattage to suit specific lighting requirements

– Selection of light distribution patterns (Type 2, 3, 4, or 5)

– Decorative arm options for enhanced visual appeal



10-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

When ordering, please specify:

  1. Model number (e.g., AUR-40CLED)
  2. Desired wattage
  3. Light distribution pattern
  4. Any customization options (such as decorative arms)


Additional Information

– The Aurora series offers a range of models to replace traditional HID lighting, from 70W HPS to 400W PSMH equivalents.

– All models feature a consistent color temperature of 5000K, ideal for crisp, clear illumination in outdoor settings.

– The series boasts an impressive rated life of over 200,000 hours, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

– With its versatile input voltage range, the Aurora series is compatible with most commercial power systems.

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