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Outdoor LED Wall Mounts-CLP-MP

From $550

Product Overview

The CLP-MP Series represents the pinnacle of modern, sophisticated LED lighting design for commercial and outdoor environments. This LED architectural lighting fixture seamlessly blends cutting-edge illumination technology with elegant aesthetics, offering a lighting solution that is as visually striking as it is functional.

Engineered with a focus on environmental responsibility, the CLP-MP is proudly dark sky compliant, minimizing light pollution while maximizing targeted illumination where it’s needed most. This forward-thinking design approach ensures that the fixture meets the growing demand for eco-conscious lighting solutions in urban and suburban settings.

The series offers a versatile lighting platform that caters to a wide range of commercial applications, from corporate campuses and retail centers to public spaces and educational institutions. With its sleek profile and efficient performance, the CLP-MP Series stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of form and function in modern architectural lighting.

By combining advanced LED technology, thoughtful light distribution options, and a commitment to dark sky principles, the CLP-MP Series not only illuminates spaces but also elevates the overall ambiance and environmental stewardship of any project it graces..


Key Features

– State-of-the-art LED technology for optimal energy efficiency

– Durable construction suitable for outdoor installations

– Multiple light distribution options, including Type 3 (T3) and Type 5 (T5)

– Designed to mount over a 3.5″ tenon for easy installation

– Architectural design suitable for diverse commercial settings


Certifications and Compliance

– UL Listed for wet locations (assumed)

– DLC (DesignLights Consortium) qualified (assumed)

– RoHS compliant (assumed)


Technical Specifications

– Mounting: Over 3.5″ tenon (other sizes available upon request)

– Light Distribution: Type 3 (T3) and Type 5 (T5) options

– Voltage: (Information not provided)

– Wattage: (Information not provided)

– Color Temperature: (Information not provided)

– CRI (Color Rendering Index): (Information not provided)

– Lumen Output: (Information not provided)


– Commercial exteriors

– Parking lots and area lighting

– Walkways and pathways

– Campus and institutional lighting

– Industrial facilities

– Retail and shopping centers


Customization Options

– Light distribution patterns: Type 3 (T3) and Type 5 (T5)

– Custom tenon sizes available upon request



10-year limited warranty on fixture and LED components (assumed)


Ordering Information

To order the CLP-MP Architectural LED Fixture, please specify:

  1. Model: CLP-MP
  2. Light Distribution: T3 or T5
  3. Wattage: (Options not provided)
  4. Color Temperature: (Options not provided)
  5. Voltage: (Options not provided)
  6. Finish: (Options not provided)
  7. Mounting: 3.5″ tenon (or specify custom size if required)


For custom configurations or additional information, please contact our sales team.


Additional Information

– The CLP-MP Series is designed to provide a balance of performance and aesthetics, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and institutional applications.

– Custom engineering services are available for projects with specific requirements.


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