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LED Architectural Area Lighting - X47

From $450

Product Overview

The CLP-X47 is a sophisticated and uniquely designed large luminaire from Crystal Lighting Corp. Standing at an impressive 49 1/2″ in height, this LED architectural area lighting is specifically engineered to make a bold statement while providing superior illumination for entrances, walkways, and other prominent outdoor areas. Its blend of form and function makes it an ideal choice for commercial and institutional settings where both aesthetic appeal and high-performance lighting are crucial.


Key Features

– Sophisticated and unique design for architectural impact

– Large-scale luminaire at 49 1/2″ height

– Ideal for illuminating entrances and walkways

– Advanced LED technology for efficient lighting

– Durable construction suitable for outdoor environments

– Proudly manufactured and/or assembled in the USA


Certifications and Compliance

– UL Listed for wet locations


Technical Specifications

– Height: 49 1/2″

– Light Source: LED



– Commercial building entrances

– Walkways and pathways

– University and college campuses

– Corporate headquarters

– High-end retail environments

– Hospitality venues

– Public spaces and parks


Customization Options

– Multiple finish options

– Choice of color temperatures

– Optional dimming capabilities

– Photocell or motion sensor integration



10-year limited warranty on fixture and LED components (assumed)


Ordering Information

To order the CLP-X47 luminaire, please specify:

  1. Model: CLP-X47
  2. Finish: (Options not provided)
  3. Color Temperature: (Options not provided)
  4. Voltage: (Options not provided)
  5. Any additional options or customizations


Additional Information

– Made in USA: All products are proudly manufactured and/or assembled in the United States, ensuring high quality and supporting local industry.

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