LED Architectural Area Lighting - 205B series

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Product Overview

The CLP-205B Series is a sophisticated Teardrop-style architectural LED luminaire designed for versatile outdoor lighting applications. Available in both Small and Large versions, this LED architectural area lighting offers the flexibility of post or pendant mounting, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and institutional environments. With its elegant teardrop shape and powerful illumination capabilities of up to 15,561 lumens, the CLP-205B combines classic aesthetics with cutting-edge LED technology to provide efficient, high-quality lighting for modern outdoor spaces.


Key Features

– Teardrop design for timeless aesthetic appeal

– Dual size options: Small (CLP-205B-S) and Large (CLP-205B-L)

– Versatile mounting: Post top or pendant

– High lumen output: Up to 15,561 lumens

– Energy efficient: Over 66% savings compared to traditional HID sources

– Multiple light distribution options: Type 3 and Type 5

– Wide operating temperature range: -30°C to 60°C

– Durable construction: Heavy gauge aluminum with powder coat finish

– Weather-resistant: Silicone gasket ensures protection against elements

– 10kV surge protector included as standard


Certifications and Compliance

– Suitable for wet locations

– Dark Sky friendly

– UL/ listed


Technical Specifications

– Wattage options: 40W to 100W

– Lumen output: 6,492 to 15,561 lumens

– Efficacy: Up to 162 LPW

– Color temperature options: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

– CRI: 70+

– Rated life (L70): >200,000 hours

– Input voltage: 120-277V (standard), 480V (optional)

– Dimming: 0-10V (optional)


– Commercial exteriors

– Walkways and pathways

– School campuses

– Industrial spaces

– Parking lots

– Recreational parks

– Urban streetscapes


Customization Options

– Two size options: Small (CLP-205B-S) and Large (CLP-205B-L)

– Multiple wattage configurations: 40W to 100W

– Light distribution patterns: Type 3 or Type 5

– Color temperature selection: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

– Mounting choices: Post top (3″ OD standard) or pendant

– Finish colors: Black, White, Silver, Bronze, Graphite, Custom

– Optional features: Button photocell, wireless controls, house side shield



10-year/100,000-hour limited warranty for long-term reliability and peace of mind.


Ordering Information

Use the following format to specify your CLP-205B luminaire:

CLP-205B-[Size]-[Wattage]-[Color Temp]-[Voltage]-[Light Dist]-[Finish]-[Mounting]-[Options]

Example: CLP-205B-S-20CLED-50K-MV-T3R-BZ-HSS

For assistance with ordering or custom configurations, please contact our sales team.


Additional Information

– Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA

– Clear optics system for optimal light distribution

– HID equivalents range from 150W HPS to 400W PS, depending on the model

– EPA (Effective Projected Area) values available for wind load calculations

– Adapter available for mounting sizes other than 3″ OD

– Custom finishes available upon request

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