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Crystal Architectural, Decorative Arms-Single, Double, Wall Mount arms;

From $300

Product Overview

Crystal Lighting presents a sophisticated line of decorative arms designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of commercial LED lighting installations. These meticulously crafted arms are available in single, double, and wall mount configurations, offering versatility for various architectural and urban lighting projects. Proudly made in the USA, these decorative arms combine durability with elegant design, perfectly complementing Crystal Lighting’s range of luminaires.


Key Features

– Available in single, double, and wall mount options

– Designed to complement LED luminaires

– Elegant, decorative styling to enhance architectural aesthetics

– Robust construction for long-term durability

– Made in the USA, ensuring high quality and supporting local manufacturing

– Compatible with various pole and wall mounting applications

– Designed for easy installation and maintenance


Certifications and Compliance

– Made in USA 


Technical Specifications

– Material: High-grade aluminum or steel (to be confirmed)

– Finishes: Multiple powder-coat options available

– Arm lengths: Various options to suit different installation requirements

– Load capacity: Engineered to support Crystal Lighting’s LED luminaire range

– Mounting compatibility: Designed for standard pole and wall mounting systems


– Street and roadway lighting

– Park and recreational area illumination

– Commercial and retail exterior lighting

– Municipal and urban development projects

– Historical district lighting renovations

– Campus and educational institution lighting

– Residential community lighting projects


Customization Options

– Choice of single, double, or wall mount configurations

– Selection of arm lengths to suit specific project requirements

– Multiple finish options to match architectural aesthetics

– Custom designs available for large-scale or unique projects (subject to consultation)



5-year limited warranty on material and workmanship


Ordering Information

When ordering, please specify:

  1. Arm configuration (single, double, or wall mount)
  2. Desired arm length
  3. Finish option
  4. Quantity required
  5. Any specific customization needs


Additional Information

– These decorative arms are designed to seamlessly integrate with Crystal Lighting’s LED luminaire product line, ensuring a cohesive and elegant lighting solution.

– The made-in-USA manufacturing process allows for stringent quality control and supports local industry.

– Custom project consultation is available for large-scale installations or unique design requirements.

– Installation guides and technical support are provided to ensure proper setup and optimal performance.

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