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The world can be an odd place at times. There was once a time in our history, when driving without a seat belt was the norm, even though a life-saving device (the seat belt) was readily available and often in every car you drove. There was a lot of resistance to wearing the seat belt, some of which still exist today, and you have to ask yourself why. Why weren’t people asking for seat belts? Why weren’t they asking for more safety features on what is essentially a three-ton killing machine that they are driving? There are other oddities in this world, one of which is solar-powered parking lot lighting.

Shouldn’t Solar Powered Parking Lot Lighting Be Far More Popular?

Solar Lights in Car Parks

The odd thing is that there is no real or reasonable reason why every single car park light in the country is not solar-powered. Unless you live in a country where it is dark most of the year, then a solar-powered night light will receive sufficient charge even during a cloudy day. Plus, with current technology, solar cells are smaller and their built-in batteries can hold more than a few days of charge. There is seemingly no reason why solar-powered lighting shouldn’t exist in every car parking lot.

Not Multi-Story Car Parks

It is understandable that solar-powered lights probably shouldn’t be the norm in multi-story car parks, but even that is up for debate. After all, multi-story car parks often have plenty of areas where they may put solar cells on roofs and walls. And, where the solar cells may struggle to keep the lights running night and day, they could certainly help lower a few power expenses to keep the multi-story car park a little more profitable.

What About the Cost of Solar Powered Lights?

You have to look at the fact that what you lay out in the first place is returned to you in power savings. The cost of installing solar-powered parking lot lighting is going to be a little higher than installing a regular national-grid-powered light. But, the light is going to run using free energy from the sun, which means you will save far more on power costs than you ever spent on actual solar-powered lighting. It seems silly that solar-powered car park lights are not a big deal, yet people seem to be slow adopters.

What About the Cost of Solar Powered Lights?

The LED light itself has been around and in popular circulation since the 1970s, and yet they were only really used in displays, fairgrounds, and Christmas tree lights. There was a bulb, the LED bulb, which lasted longer than regular bulbs, cost less to power, and was Eco-friendly to dispose of, and yet people were still using traditional lighting up to 2019.

If it took nearly fifty years for people to figure out that the LED bulb is the best option for modern use, then it will probably take a hundred years before they realize there are no downsides to having solar powdered car parking lot lights. If you are looking for top-quality LED lights that last 55,000 hours or longer, then visit Industrial Lighting Fixtures today and pick from a wide variety of LED lights, solar LED lights, and light fixtures.


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