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Solar Powered Bollard Lights Commercial-Eco-Eris

From $400

Product Overview

The Eris Asymmetrical Solar Bollard is a premium, commercial-grade solar lighting solution designed for pathways, walkways, and garden beds. This innovative product combines sleek aesthetics with functional, tamper-resistant features, making it ideal for public environments. The LED solar bollard light operates automatically from dusk to dawn, utilizing smart power-saving technology and motion sensing capabilities to provide efficient, reliable lighting.


Key Features

– Asymmetrical lighting pattern optimized for pathways

– IP65 waterproof design

– Striking modern appearance

– Simple twist and lock assembly

– Tamper-proof construction

– >3 nights autonomy

– Australian Standard P4 compliant

– Automatic dusk to dawn operation

– PIR motion sensor for smart lighting control

– Internal baseplate for clean installed design

– Reinforced aluminum manufacture

– Hidden on/off switch


Certifications and Compliance

– IP65 rated for water resistance

– Australian Standard P4 compliant

– Suitable for commercial and public environments

Technical Specifications

– Luminaire Height: 900 mm

– Fixture Size: 900 x 275 mm

– Lumen Output: ~280 lm

– LED Output: 1.5W

– Solar Panel Wattage: 6.2W

– Battery Type: LiFePO4, 12AH 3.2V (38.4Wh)

– Autonomy: > 3 nights

– Light Source: SMD3030

– Recharge Time: 4-6 hours

– Mounting: Internal Baseplate

– Finish: Powder coated grey (standard)



– Commercial pathways and walkways

– Public parks and gardens

– Educational institutions

– Corporate campuses

– Residential developments

– Recreational areas

– Any outdoor space requiring reliable, efficient lighting



The Eris Asymmetrical Solar Bollard comes with a 2-year warranty for faulty workmanship or component failure not influenced by external means.


Installation and Operation

– Simple twist and lock assembly for easy installation

– Internal baseplate provides a clean, installed appearance

– Automatic dusk to dawn operation

– PIR sensor detects movement, increasing LED output to 100% when approached

– Light dims to 30% output when no movement is detected


Additional Information

– Asymmetric light output: The term describes a system where light is directed sideways, ideal for pathway illumination

– Smart power-saving technology ensures maximum output when required while conserving battery charge during low-activity periods

– The reinforced construction and tamper-resistant features make this bollard suitable for public environments where durability is crucial

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