LED Indoor Tennis Court Lighting feature customized CREE LEDs that optimize visibility for players to follow and interact with fast-moving objects and spectators to see the action clearly. Mecree LED sports flood fixtures maintain higher lighting levels over time than other fixtures. Engineered with a rugged design and durable materials, certified up to IK10 impact protection rating making them perfect for all indoor sports lighting applications. Mecree sports flood lights have an excellent optical design, and low UGR. No flickering in the slow-motion image. Applicable to HDTV live broadcasting.  Looking to replace your old, inefficient indoor tennis court lighting with LED sports lighting? Call sales toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767.

Indoor tennis court LED lighting, 42 pcs Mecree GL-FL-300W

Light levels, which LED fixtures and cost-effectiveness are some of the key factors to consider when installing a new LED lighting system for indoor tennis courts. Proper lighting is crucial for players to have optimal visibility and performance on the court. LED fixtures offer numerous advantages over traditional lighting solutions, making them the preferred choice for many tennis facilities.

One of the main considerations when choosing LED fixtures is the required light levels. The lighting system should provide sufficient illumination across the entire court, ensuring that players can easily track the ball and make accurate shots. The recommended light levels for indoor tennis courts typically range from 200 to 500 lux, depending on the level of play and the requirements of the facility. (Check below for a fuller description).LED fixtures can easily meet these requirements and provide uniform lighting without any dark spots or glare. see Expert lighting level recommendations

LED Tennis Court Lighting System

Another important factor to consider is the color rendering index (CRI) of the LED fixtures. CRI measures how accurately the light source reveals the true colors of objects. For indoor tennis courts, a high CRI is crucial to ensure that players can see the ball and distinguish its color accurately. LED fixtures with a CRI of 80 or higher are recommended for tennis facilities, as they provide excellent color rendering and enhance visibility on the court. see LED Sports Lighting Fixtures

Energy efficiency is also a significant advantage of LED lighting systems. Compared to traditional lighting solutions, LED fixtures consume significantly less energy while providing the same or even better illumination levels. This translates into lower electricity bills for the facility and a reduced carbon footprint. LED fixtures also have a longer lifespan, which means less frequent maintenance and replacement costs.

LED Tennis Court Lighting System

When selecting LED fixtures for indoor tennis courts, it is essential to consider their durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Tennis facilities often have high humidity levels, and the fixtures should be able to withstand moisture without any performance degradation. Look for fixtures with an IP65 or higher rating, indicating their resistance to dust and water ingress.

Lastly, cost-effectiveness is a crucial aspect to consider when investing in a new LED lighting system. While LED fixtures may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional lighting solutions, their long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment. The energy savings, extended lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs make LED lighting systems a cost-effective choice in the long run.

LED Tennis Court Lighting System

In summary,when considering a new LED lighting system for indoor tennis courts, it is essential to evaluate factors such as light levels, LED fixtures, CRI, energy efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. By carefully selecting the right LED fixtures and ensuring proper lighting design, tennis facilities can provide optimal playing conditions, enhance player performance, and reduce operating costs.

Things To Know About LED Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

Typical Facility Classifications

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Professional College (2) College (4) High School (6) 
International Tennis Clubs (6)  High School (6)  Tennis Clubs (6) 
Satellite. Residential (6)  Tennis Clubs (6)  Parks & Recreation (6) 
Challenger Parks & Recreation (6)   Residential (6) College (5) 
College   Parks & Recreation (6)   

NOTES: 1. Class I facilities generally involve broadcast quality television production.  These facilities will include permanent spectator accommodations.  Please note that some facility types appear in multiple categories. Illumination levels for a specific facility should be chosen based on the highest skill level, or spectator and television requirements that will take place at the facility. It is recognized that older players require higher light levels. Facilities with older average player ages should be designed for higher levels of light.


LED Tennis Court Lighting System


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