LED U Bend Tubes

LED U Bend Tubes

LED U Bend Tubes are basically T8 linear tubes which have been shaped into a U as a lighting solution for limited space ceiling applications. These high performance LED U-Bend T8 tubes are designed for the replacement of existing T8 fluorescent lighting systems.The self-ballasted design allows for easy installation into most commonly used T-8 system fixtures.

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LED U Bend Tubes are available in different wattage, color temperature, leg spacing. The higher wattage U-bend tube has a 6″ leg spacing and the lower wattage U-bend tube has a 1 ½” leg spacing. The self-ballasted LED U Bend Tubes design allows for easy installation into most commonly used T-8 system fixtures. Applications include: Office Lighting, School Lighting, Healthcare Lighting, Storage Lighting

An 18W LED U Bend Tube replaces 40W fluorescent, Energy Savings of up to 50%, Direct Retrofit into Fluorescent T8,T10,T12 Fixtures; Over 70,000 hrs; 5 year warranty; Lumen Maintenance over 70%; Even Lighting, No Buzzing, No Flickering, Instant on, Cold Start and Hot Re-Start.

LED U Bend Tubes

LED U Bend Tubes

LED U-Bend T8 Tubes

Featuring 360 pcs of High Output LEDs in a frosted lens allowing for an evenly illuminated glow resembling existing fluorescent tubes. Available in 20w, 26w.

LED U Bend Tubes-Narrow

LED U-Bend T8 Tubes Narrow

Featuring 180 pcs of High Output LEDs in a frosted non yellowing polycarbonate lens for even glow. (Glare Free). Available in 18w.


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