LED Pyramid Corn Cob Light features a conical design which directs all the light output directly to the ground. The superior design of LED pyramid corn cob lights are ideal for any outdoor post top lighting for parking lots, street lighting or illuminating campus and residential pathways. If the housing of the existing fixture is intact, you might consider installing the LED pyramid corn cob light as the replacement lighting for MH, HPS, HID in parking and canopy fixtures. Approved for use in enclosed fixtures as well. see Protect Your Team With Our Industrial Lighting Products

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LED Pyramid Corn Cob Light

LED Pyramid Corn Cob Light 
LED Pyramid Corn Cob Lights – up to 10,300 lumens @ 80W
LED Pyramid Corn Cob Light 
replaces a 250W MH – Installed Country Club, Miami, FL, 30W


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