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Why Choose LED Cold Storage Lighting Solutions? Cold storage facilities keep things cool. If they fail, it would cause the items in the facility to spoil and be wasted. What does it mean for your business? You’ll lose a lot of money. Your business will also suffer. Unfortunately, keeping refrigerators running can be quite costly. Keeping the energy costs down can be quite challenging. Thankfully, there are cold storage lighting solutions that aim to reduce operating and energy costs. 

The Importance of Having Cold Storage Lighting for Cold Storage Facilities

There are many ways LEDs can minimize the energy costs of your cold storage facilities. Here are some of them. 

Low-Quantity of Heat 

What makes this lighting solution the best option for cold storage facilities is that it doesn’t utilize a lot of energy. It uses less wattage. But even though it utilizes less wattage, it creates the same amount of light as conventional lighting. It means you save a lot of money. It’s the reason LEDs are better for cold-temperature setups. Contact us today to learn more about how our lighting fixtures can work with your cooling system. see LED Vapor Tight Linear Lighting

Reduce Costs 

There are many ways to manage the operating costs of cold storage facilities. You can insulate walls and doors or optimize refrigeration. Since lighting is a vital contributor to energy costs in cold storage facilities, it should not be ignored. With LEDs, you can connect the lighting to controls to reduce energy consumption and costs. If they are not needed, they turn off automatically. You can also opt to dim them. Read  NSF Certified LED Lighting

How Long Do LED Lights Last? 

Newer LEDs have a better lifespan. According to this report, “Newer, high-power, white LEDs have improved lumen maintenance, and therefore could have much longer lamp life (greater than 25,000 hours).” 

Where to Find the Best Commercial Lighting Solutions?

Environment Impact

Another reason many cold storage facility owners choose LED lighting solutions is that they can help in reducing energy use, thereby, improving their impact on the environment. Many traditional lighting sources utilize mercury as part of their instruction. As a result, they need special handling when they read their lifespan. But with LED lights, there’s a special requirement to dispose of them. 

Withstanding Frequent Switching 

If you need a light that requires a quick reboot, LED lights are your best option. They can turn on and off instantly. LEDs are not like metal halide lamp that needs a warm-up period. Furthermore, traditional lighting sources have a shorter lifespan. Their lifespan is further shortened if you switch them off and on frequently. But LED lights aren’t affected by frequent switching. Thus, their efficiency won’t be affected by it. 

Where to Find the Best Commercial Lighting Solutions? 

Many companies offer affordable commercial LED lighting solutions. However, if you want superior cold storage LED lights, then choose the solutions offered at industrial lighting fixtures. Find out more about how we can help. Contact us today to get a free consultation: (844) 533-7767



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