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The Importance of Having Cold Storage Lighting for Cold Storage Facilities

cold storage lighting

Why Choose LED Cold Storage Lighting Solutions? Cold storage facilities keep things cool. If they fail, it would cause the items in the facility to spoil and be wasted. What does it mean for your business? You’ll lose a lot of money. Your business will also suffer. Unfortunately, keeping refrigerators running can be quite costly. Keeping […]

What Are Construction Lights?

what are constrconstruction lightsuction lights

In real terms, construction lights are any sort of lights that you put into a construction site. However, as the LED market has matured, the categories, types, and subcategories have become more defined. Now, when people buy LED lights for construction sites, they have a clearer idea of what they are getting. Here is a […]

What is an Induction Lighting Retrofit?

led outdoor lighting

A lighting retrofit is a process of changing out lights from one variety to another. The most common conversions within businesses these days are conversions from incandescent bulbs or strip lighting to LED lighting. Due to the obvious power savings, companies and households are switching to LEDs on a massive scale. An induction lighting retrofit […]

Are Outdoor LED Strip Lights the Best Solution For Commercial Spaces?

outdoor led strip lights

One of the most popular innovations of the last two decades is the increased use of outdoor LED strip lights in commercial spaces. In the past, these spaces, particularly parking lots or vehicle collection points were illuminated by incandescent lights mounted on tall pillars. These provided limited lighting, which was much brighter at the base […]

Reasons To Illuminate Your Lot with Outdoor Rope Lights

outdoor rope lights

Keeping a commercial outdoor space well-lit is essential for safety and security reasons, and it’s likely that business owners already have lights on their commercial lots. These are typically expensive and not very cost-effective, and it makes sense to look around for other ways to shine light into these exterior spaces. There are several reasons […]

Why Do Commercial Buildings Use Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting?

commercial LED outdoor lighting

Commercial LED outdoor lighting actually has several selling points that make them very useful for larger companies and for most large outdoor areas that require reliable lights. Many of these benefits carry over for smaller businesses, private users, and many types of LED light on their own. For upscale customer or when lighting spaces, choose […]

What is Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting?

Class 1 division 1 LED lighting

Class 1 Division 1 LED lighting (C1, D1) is mostly used in hazardous and very hazardous locations and areas. They are used to prevent high voltage and/or high amperage equipment from producing a spark or very hot elements (aka. a source of ignition). The obvious point is that you don’t see many LED lights giving […]

Mix Up Your Outdoor Lights for More Atmosphere

LED building light

There was a time when lighting your outdoor area came with two options. You either lit it up and gave it character and/or an atmosphere. Or you lit it up economically. In the old days, if you wanted your courtyard lights to give the atmosphere or character of your outdoor area, then you had to […]

LED Building Lights & The Best Places to Install

led building light

LED lights are a staple of the modern home. They are environmentally friendly and their cost-per-purchase and value-per-KWH spend are far better than anything else on the market. LED lights are also used for commercial purposes, including building sites, and industrial sites. Your LED building light is more than just a pretty feature, it is […]

Keep Customers Safe With Our LED Post Top Light

post top lantern

If your parking lot is poorly illuminated, and there are dark shadows where little can be seen, you may find that customers are reluctant to come to your store after nightfall. When they cannot see if someone is near their cars, they may feel unsafe. It is important that you take steps now to avoid […]