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One of the most popular innovations of the last two decades is the increased use of outdoor Flexible Strip Lighting for decorative exterior lighting in commercial spaces. In the past, these spaces, particularly parking lots or vehicle collection points were illuminated by incandescent lights mounted on tall pillars. These provided limited lighting, which was much brighter at the base of the pole and tended to leave some areas of the lot in darkness.

This could turn a lit parking lot into a dangerous place for customers and members of staff, so several businesses are turning to other forms of illumination. For any company wondering whether these are the best lights for their external spaces, LED Pros WorldWide can offer some advice and information. read LED Rope Lights

Are Outdoor LED Strip Lights the Best Solution For Commercial Spaces

Commercial vs. Domestic Flexible Strip Lighting

Businesses are not the only places where LED strip lighting has become increasingly popular, with it being increasingly used in kitchens and around the home. The very flexibility of these lights has meant that they can be used anywhere: “From bedrooms to patios and even your shoes” as the reviewers at DigitalTrends have observed. Most business owners are familiar with the idea of domestic strip lighting and might even be using it themselves in the home or garden

However, commercial LED lighting in strip or rope form is a different grade and tends to be larger and provide greater illumination. It would not be possible to light up the outside of a house as some big companies do with their stores – the wattage is too much. However, LED strip lights that are designed to be used commercially are often weatherproof and made from toughened plastic, which is essential for most exterior spaces. read LED Facade Lighting

Versatility Of Commercial Grade Strip Lighting

Versatility Of Commercial Grade Strip Lighting

Even though the commercial-grade strip lighting used with LEDs is very different from that used in domestic products, this doesn’t reduce the versatility of these products. They mean that businesses can be more creative with the way they use them externally, so for example, rather than on a pole the company could use the strip lighting around the edges of the lot, along walkways or trolley parks, and anywhere else that needs to be lit up by the lights. Giving greater illumination over the same space removes the risk of leaving shadows and making customers feel uncomfortable when using the lot. 

Get The Right LED Lights Today

Businesses need to be able to illuminate their external spaces in a way that is practical and cost-effective. For many companies, this means using LED lighting and having modern adaptions that create greater flexibility for customers.

To find out more about how a company can benefit from using LED lighting in their external spaces, LED Pros World Wide recommends that you have a consultation with experts, who can advise you on how to illuminate your parking lot to improve safety and cost-efficiency using LED lights. Start today by asking for a free quote online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures or call us at 844-533-7767 now.



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