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Are Outdoor LED Strip Lights the Best Solution For Commercial Spaces?

outdoor led strip lights

One of the most popular innovations of the last two decades is the increased use of outdoor LED strip lights in commercial spaces. In the past, these spaces, particularly parking lots or vehicle collection points were illuminated by incandescent lights mounted on tall pillars. These provided limited lighting, which was much brighter at the base […]

Reasons To Illuminate Your Lot with Outdoor Rope Lights

outdoor rope lights

Keeping a commercial outdoor space well-lit is essential for safety and security reasons, and it’s likely that business owners already have lights on their commercial lots. These are typically expensive and not very cost-effective, and it makes sense to look around for other ways to shine light into these exterior spaces. There are several reasons […]

Applications for Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

commercial grade rope lighting

The great thing about commercial grade rope lighting is that it is very safe, long-lasting and flexible. They are able to withstand the sort of rough and tumble that doesn’t really occur within the home. The rope lighting you see in homes is often less hard-wearing and a lot cheaper, whereas commercial grade lighting has […]

Indoor And Outdoor Uses For Our LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights

Once upon a time, light decorations were strictly reserved for the major holiday celebrations, but these days thanks to lots of new innovations they are starting to be considered an option for all sorts of situations from simple home decor to more organized fun. Rope lights in particular are a style of LED lighting that […]