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The great thing about commercial grade rope lighting is that it is very safe, long-lasting, and flexible. They can withstand the sort of rough and tumble that doesn’t really occur within the home. The rope lighting you see in homes is often less hard-wearing and a lot cheaper, whereas commercial grade lighting has to withstand everything from harsh temperatures to a cascade of work-a-day knocks.

Decorative Lighting in Commercial and Public Areas

Probably one of the most common uses for rope lighting, at least in the public view, are for decorative features. Shops, stores, boutiques, and even markets have been known to have Santa and Santa’s sleighs adorned with rope lighting. A bright star of David there, and a festive lit-up reindeer here, and the place looks a lot more festive. read LED Rope Lights

Applications for Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Mood Lighting in Bars and restaurants

It is quite common for commercial grade rope lighting to be featured out of sight to create mood lighting. You often see it without knowing under pub bars and being used as backlighting for the optics. All you have to do is set a piece of decorative wood around 15cm away from the wall and put the lights behind it so they cannot be directly seen, but the light they produce helps brighten the area in a warm way. See Getting the Right Type of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Casinos and in Clubs

A big part of the casino or club atmosphere is the creation of a brightly lit, dynamic, and bold experience. In clubs and casinos, lights are used to highlight the edges of otherwise dull surfaces and are often used to remove shadows. In many cases, it is less about brightening up, than it is about removing shadows because strong lights are often used in these premises, and strong lights cast harsher shadows that rope lighting can help remove. See Uses of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Museums and Art Galleries

Where a club may use rope lights to remove shadows, rope lights are often used in museums and art galleries to help expose details. In some cases, a piece on exhibition will look very underwhelming if it is not lit from several different angles. An overhead light may make the piece look very flat, dark, or bland. Lights from several angles help to highlight details on an exhibited piece and can help create a more even lighting effect.

rgb led rope light

Two or three strong lights cast very dark shadows may hide elements and may create very sharp lines. Whereas commercial grade rope lighting may be used to create a softer multi-directional light that doesn’t emphasize one element of an exhibition over another.

Anywhere You Want to Highlight Something

Yes, rope lighting can be used to create a warm lighting atmosphere, expose details, hide shadows, and decorate your business. But those are not the limits to the charms of rope lighting. In reality, anywhere you want to highlight something, flat lights will become useful. That is why you see them around the edges of signs, on balconies in cafes, and around the windows in shops. That is why many people choose LED Pros World Wide for their rope lighting needs because there is something for every use and every occasion. 



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