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The great thing about commercial grade rope lighting is that it is durable, it lasts far longer than most domestic types of rope lighting, and it is often very energy efficient. In many ways, commercial rope lighting is a great investment in your business. Here are a few other ways you may use your commercial rope lighting. See Getting the Right Type Of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Create an Atmosphere

There are several tricks you can do with commercial rope lighting. One of them is to place them in areas that obscure their direct light but allow their ambient light to escape. Think of those modern show kitchens where they put lights under the counters. You cannot see the direct light, but the light that escapes from under the counters makes the entire room look larger and better defined. Plus, with commercial-grade rope lighting, there is less chance of the obscured light heating the surrounding area and causing a fire. read LED Rope Lights

Uses of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Light the Edges of Your Adverts

Just like how rope lighting is strung around statues of reindeer on Christmas decorations, so may such lights be used around the edges of adverts and banners. You can draw the eye and light the sign too. You may also have blinking lights or lights that dim and brighten to attract the passing eye to whatever advert is being displayed. The light coming from rope lighting is not overpowering and yet is still often bright enough to help highlight the image it surrounds, which is always a benefit if you want your adverts and billboards to be seen and read. See Applications for Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Create an Even Ambient Light Level

Direct light is the sort of thing you get from overhead lights, but such lights often struggle to light an entire room. It is not that parts of the room are in shadow, it is just that parts of the room are a little less well-lit, especially nearer the ground. With rope lights, you can add light to a room. The rope lighting is not overpowering, which means it doesn’t create shadows, therefore creating a nice even ambient light level in a room.

Eliminate Ugly Shadows

One of the great things about commercial-grade rope lighting is that it can be used to eliminate ugly shadows. In places like a supermarket, the massive overhead lights create shadows, but since the space is mostly made of even and symmetrical aisles, there is very little to create big and ugly shadows. See Reasons To Illuminate Your Lot with Outdoor Rope Lights

Outdoor LED rope Lights

This is not the case with most commercial establishments. The large overhead lights often create pockets within a store or business that contain ugly black shadows. Rope lighting can be used to gently eliminate these areas of shadow. A common question is How Long Do Outdoor Rope Lights Last?

Create Mood Lighting

If you wish, you can buy colored or dimmable bulbs from us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures, allowing you to create mood lighting. Many times, cleverly placed displays look a little bland or a little clinical when they are placed under bright direct light. With commercial rope lighting, you may create a warmer light, or maybe a cold clinical light with a hint of blue. Create a more romantic setting with tinted rose lights, or perhaps even a horrifying display with hints of purple and red. 



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