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One of the reasons business owners choose commercial outdoor LED strip lights is their lifespan. However, not all LED lights are created equal. Some LED light strips can last for 50,000 hours while others have shorter hours. 

Do Commercial Outdoor LED Strip Lights Burn Out?

Although they have a longer lifespan, their lights do fade over time. But they don’t burn out, unlike a regular incandescent light. For years, your LED light strips will start to fade. If you use them regularly, the fading can’t be seen with your naked eye. But it is fading. 

Do Commercial Outdoor LED Strip Lights Burn Out?

Preserving Commercial LED Strip Lights 

When you invest in LED strip lights, you are getting the ideal lighting solution. You can save money. With lasting longevity, they are better than other options. But their lights fade over time, as mentioned earlier. Thankfully, there are ways to preserve their life. 

Install Properly

Installation can play a huge role in the light’s longevity. Creasing or unusual application can affect the circuitry and diode. Extending the light strip can also affect the quality of the strips. Thus, make sure to hire the right people to install them properly. Otherwise, you will be spending money on LED lights that won’t last for long.  see A Quick Guide to Installing Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Turn Them Off Now and Again 

Leaving the lights on 24/7 will affect their lifespan. Thus, if you don’t turn them off, don’t expect them to last for 50,000 hours. See What are the Color Options for Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Avoid Using Cheap Lights

You can save a lot of money when you buy from unknown sources online. But if you opt for cheap LED lights, you can’t expect them to last longer than what they were intended for. Cheap LED strip lights will only cause you to go back to the drawing board in no time to buy them again. 

Choose Quality 

The quality of LED strip lights can greatly affect how they last. Hence, it is vital that you buy them from a reliable source. LED Pros offer solution-focused lighting possibilities. The lights available at industrial lighting fixtures are designed for different industrial uses. They can operate in the environment that they were designed to be used in. In that case, you can use them in a manufacturing process or in a warehouse. If you are going to use them outdoors, make sure to ask the supplier if it can handle the job. 

Why Choose LED Strip Lights?

Why Choose LED Strip Lights? 

One of the reasons business owners choose LED lighting is its low energy consumption. It produces high lumens for every watt. The LEDs can last longer than HID or incandescent sources. Furthermore, many manufacturing plant owners opt for this light solution because of its immediate switch-on. When you turn the LED lights on, they start to emit a high level of light. You can connect them with an intelligent light control system to give you more energy savings. Invest in LED Lights 

Commercial outdoor LED strip lights may be more expensive than other light sources. But the extra dollars are all worth it. It is best to invest more upfront than buying lights that won’t last longer than LED lights. Visit our website at Industrial Lighting Fixtures or call us here for more information: (844) 533-7767.  see How to Enhance Your Garden with Outdoor LED Strip Lights



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