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Many buildings now are using commercial grade rope lighting. This type of lighting is an affordable option. However, before making a decision, you need to consider a lot of things to get the right type of light for your commercial needs. 

LEDs in Commercial Grade Rope Lighting 

When you choose to purchase rope lighting, look at the LEDs per length. If you want a brighter output, you need to opt for the rope with the highest number of LEDs per meter, yard, or foot. Don’t choose LEDs that are spaced too far apart. The reason for this is that the result could get spotty, rather than a constant line of light. 

Install the Rope Lights

Don’t Focus on LED Density 

It’s not the sole factor in knowing the brightness of the rope. At LED Pros Worldwide, you can find rope lights with more LEDs per foot. Or you can choose to have flex strips with low output LEDs. But examine the brightness of the strip to understand the number of LEDs present. 

Know Where You’ll Use It 

LED technology continues to improve. Thus, expect rope lighting to continue to improve its brighter capabilities. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all rope lights will be super bright. As mentioned, you need to consider the number of LEDs. The brightness of the light is measured by LUMENS. If you want to use it for accent lighting, you need rope lighting that offers 200 LUMENS per foot. Then again, it depends on your preference and the mood you wish to achieve. If it’s just for general lighting, consider the light direction. That is, the brightness requirements will vary on the distance from the subject as well. Talk to a designer to help you determine how bright a certain area must be using rope lighting. See Applications for Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Choose the Right Colors 

LED rope lighting comes in various single colors. But you can also opt for multi-color strips. But the basic strip lights have single colors that can emit one light color. But if you want the colors to change, opt for RGB strips. They can change colors based on your preference. The lights can emit red-green-blue combination colors. 

Choose the Right Colors for your rope light

Install the Rope Lights 

When you buy rope lighting, you must have a close on how to set it up. Thankfully, when you buy the strips from Industrial Lighting, you can also hire our professionals to install them for you. 

Industrial Lighting Fixtures offers different rope lighting from accent and task lighting. It’s a cost-effective solution and it can last for a longer period. It’s not only for commercial purposes but can also be used in residential properties. The LED rope light featured here features low energy consumption. Its input voltage is 120 V and is available in various colors. Since it’s LED, there’s little to no maintenance. 

Talk to us today if you want to know more about our commercial grade rope lighting. This product can accent your building and its surrounding area. Call LED Pros WorldWide to get a free consultation. Here’s our toll-free number 1 (844) 533-7767



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