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What is Considered Commercial Industrial Lighting?

Commercial Industrial Lighting

Commercial industrial lighting is a type of lighting being used in hotels, retail shops, warehouses, and restaurants, among others. The outdoor lighting used in public street lamps and bridges, for instance, is also considered commercial-grade lighting.  How Does Commercial Industrial Lighting Differ from Residential Lighting?  The main difference between these two is the price. Residential […]

Getting the Right Type of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

Many buildings now are using commercial grade rope lighting. This type of lighting is an affordable option. However, before making a decision, you need to consider a lot of things to get the right type of light for your commercial needs.  LEDs in Commercial Grade Rope Lighting  When you choose to purchase rope lighting, look […]

Where to Use Commercial LED Outdoor Lights?

commercial LED outdoor lighting

Commercial LED outdoor lighting is the most efficient form of lighting. It provides bright and powerful light without the need to consume a lot of watts and increase your bill. It’s one of the reasons LEDs are being used for various applications. To truly understand how versatile it is, here are some of the ways […]