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As a business owner, you know the importance of creating a safe, secure and inviting environment for your customers and employees. One key factor in achieving this is having proper outdoor lighting. And when it comes to efficiency, durability and brilliance, it’s hard to beat commercial LED outdoor lights!

Gone are the days of dim, flickering parking lot lamps or harsh floodlights washing out your building’s architecture. Today’s commercial LED lighting options provide crisp, clear illumination while saving energy and requiring minimal maintenance. But with so many possible places to install these lights, where should you start? Let’s explore some of the top spots to make your business shine.

Parking Lots & Garages

One of the most crucial areas to have reliable, bright lighting is your parking lot or garage. After all, this is often the first and last place customers interact with your business. Well-lit parking provides a sense of safety and security, deterring crime and making it easier for people to navigate to and from their vehicles.

Pole-mounted LED parking lot lights are an ideal solution, casting a wide, even glow across the entire area. For parking garages, ceiling-mounted LED fixtures can brightly illuminate every level. Benefits of LEDs for parking areas include:

– Significant energy savings compared to traditional HID lamps
– Instant-on lighting, without flickering or warm-up times
– Durable housings that withstand impacts, moisture and temperature swings
– Dramatically reduced maintenance due to 50,000+ hour lifespans

Building Entrances & Facades

Your building’s entrance is like a welcoming beacon, drawing customers inside. By accentuating it with carefully placed commercial LED outdoor lights, you create an inviting ambiance while boosting visibility for safety. Consider these popular lighting types:

– Wall pack lights flanking doorways provide excellent illumination and can tie into your overall aesthetic
– Recessed canopy lights above the door create a bright yet glare-free entrance
– Landscape lighting along pathways guides visitors to your doorstep

In addition to entrances, lighting building facades with wall grazing or floodlighting techniques can highlight architectural features and signage. This increases your business’s street presence and brand awareness, making your location stand out day or night. Read more about LED Facade Lighting – The Cost Effective Way to Add Flavor to an Outdoor Setting here.

Brightening Your Business: Key Locations for Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Loading Docks & Back-of-House

Of course, it’s not just customer-facing areas that need great lighting. Back-of-house spaces like loading docks, delivery zones and employee parking areas all require illumination for safe, efficient operation. Industrial-grade LED lights are perfect for the job, with options including:

– Pole-mounted area lights for expansive coverage
– Wallpack lights for perimeter security
– Canopy lights above loading bays
– High bay lights inside warehouses

These heavy-duty fixtures are designed to withstand the rigors of busy commercial facilities while providing the clear visibility needed for critical tasks.

Retail Outdoor Lighting

For retail businesses, outdoor lighting plays a key role in attracting customers and showcasing products. Storefront windows illuminated with LED track or accent lighting can make displays pop. For sidewalk sales and outdoor dining areas, string lights create a warm, welcoming vibe.

Other retail outdoor lighting types to consider include:

– Bollard lights along walkways
– Recessed step lights for stairs and ramps
– Illuminated signage and light box displays
– Decorative sconces or pendants for covered entrances

By layering different types of commercial LED outdoor lights, you can craft an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to linger and explore your offerings. Read more about Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Premises with LED Building Lights here.

Industrial Outdoor Lighting

For industrial facilities like factories, plants and distribution centers, outdoor lighting is all about functionality and safety. High-power LED fixtures ensure clear visibility for workers during shift changes and overnight hours. Poles with multiple adjustable heads can illuminate work yards, while wallpacks boost perimeter security.

Industrial outdoor lighting types often have special features like:

– Rugged, corrosion-resistant housings
– Integrated sensors for dusk-to-dawn operation
– Extreme temperature ratings for harsh environments
– High lumen outputs and targeted optics for work task lighting

With the right commercial LED outdoor lights in place, industrial facilities can operate around the clock with optimal visibility and energy efficiency.

Brightening Your Business: Key Locations for Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting


Q: Do commercial LED outdoor lights really save that much energy?
A: Yes! LEDs are incredibly efficient, producing more light output per watt than any other commercially available technology. Businesses can often reduce lighting energy usage by 60-70% by switching to LEDs.

Q: How long do commercial LED lights last?
A: Quality commercial LED outdoor lights are rated for 50,000 hours or more, which can translate to over a decade of nighttime use. This dramatically reduces maintenance costs compared to older technologies.

Q: Are LEDs a good choice for cold environments?
A: Absolutely. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs actually perform better in the cold. Most commercial LED outdoor lights are rated for reliable operation down to -40°F or below.

In Summary

As you can see, commercial LED outdoor lights have a multitude of uses for businesses of all types. From welcoming customers to keeping workers safe, these brilliant and efficient lights are a smart investment in your property.

To choose the best products and placements for your needs, work with a knowledgeable LED lighting supplier who can create a customized plan. With a strategic approach to outdoor illumination, you’ll create a business environment that’s safer, more secure and more successful.



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