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Commercial LED outdoor lighting is the most efficient form of lighting. It provides bright and powerful light without the need to consume a lot of watts and increase your bill. It’s one of the reasons LEDs are being used for various applications. To truly understand how versatile it is, here are some of the ways you can use it. 

Ways to Use Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Parking Lot Lights 

It’s one of the most vital applications for outdoor lighting. Parking lots require bright lights to properly illuminate the area. In that way, anyone visiting will feel safe. Choosing LED lights will set the tone for safety and professionalism for your property at large. 

Where to Use Commercial LED Outdoor Lights?

Since LED parking lot lights operate from dusk to dawn, it requires energy-efficient lights. And because it has a longer lifespan, you won’t hire more staff to routinely change the bulbs, which can be costly. However, no matter how energy-efficient LED lights are, you should install high-quality LED lighting solutions. Switching to this solution will help you save “about $225 in energy costs per year by using LED lighting. if you are still using incandescent light bulbs, switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills.”

Wall Pack Lights 

Wall pack lighting is a vital component of your outdoor lighting system. LED wall packs can illuminate the areas used by vehicles and pedestrians. In other words, it’s for security purposes. It’s common to find multiple fixtures installed on a single wall. LEDs can dramatically reduce how to maintain wall pack lighting and how they advance their functional life. 

LEDs don’t stop functioning when the fuel source is lowered. Rather, light output degrades slowly over time. Because of that, its functional life is longer than HID lamp. In that case, you don’t need to change bulbs and ballast. It means less maintenance for you. 

Ways to Use Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Parking Garage 

A parking garage is similar to a parking lot. But a parking garage has a ceiling. In that case, luminaries are not mounted on a pole. However, it has the same requirements as outdoor parking lots. In that case, the area must receive great illumination no matter what the time of day is. 

Who to Hire to Install LED Outdoor Lighting? 

You can find several contractors to install this type of lighting in your commercial building. However, if you wish to receive high-quality results, consult with LED Pros Worldwide. We dedicate our resources to providing our clients with high-quality lighting solutions. We offer higher materials and superior lighting options that require fewer changes or investments to install. 

Easily Available 

Whether lighting solution you need for your commercial property, make sure to give us a call to find out what commercial LED outdoor lighting you need. Call us today to know more about the special pricing we can offer: (844) 533-7767. For a full range of lighting solutions, visit us at industrial lighting fixtures.



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