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Keeping a commercial outdoor space well-lit is essential for safety and security reasons, and it’s likely that business owners already have lights on their commercial lots. These are typically expensive and not very cost-effective, and it makes sense to look around for other ways to shine light into these exterior spaces. There are several reasons why business owners should consider adding features such as outdoor rope lights that use LED, rather than relying upon traditional parking lot lights.

LED Pros World Wide is here to help companies understand some of the reasons for choosing LED lighting to make exterior spaces a much safer and less expensive place to be for customers and members of staff. Another good resource is Applications for Commercial Grade Rope Lighting 

Reasons To Illuminate Your Lot with Outdoor Rope Lights

LED Lighting Is Cheaper and More Efficient

How much does standard lighting cost the company every year? Most halogen and other incandescent-type bulbs have very short lives, with a maximum of 4000 hours at the very most, and the majority lasting somewhere around 2000 hours. In contrast to this, an LED light bulb can last for as much as 50,000 hours. That means fewer light maintenance costs and less chance that some parts of the exterior space will be in shadow after a bulb is lost.

LED lighting is also more energy-efficient, while with standard light bulbs “80-90 percent of the energy used will be wasted as heat, while only 10-20 percent will be given off as the actual visible light” according to ChargeSpot, a wireless charging supplier. This means that whenever traditional bulbs are illuminating a light space, they are actually giving off a great deal of heat – this is bad for the environment and bad for a business’s energy bills, too. See Indoor And Outdoor Uses For Our LED Rope Lights

LED Lighting Is Cheaper and More Efficient

Keeping People Safe with Outdoor Rope Lights

Rope lights, unlike traditional pole lighting systems, are much more adaptable to commercial spaces. These lights come in plastic tubing, which is designed to secure the lights and keep them and the wiring safe. This wouldn’t be possible with incandescent lighting, for example, but LED lights it is a great way to illuminate certain areas of a parking space or outside area. See Getting the Right Type of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

With the natural durability that comes from using LED lighting, businesses can set up LED rope lights and keep them in the same position for as long as they are needed. Placed along walkways, stairs, and around columns, these lights can add to the safety of these areas, preventing injury and providing enough light to keep people safe. 

Find Out More About LED Rope Lighting Today

Outdoor rope lighting can keep a location well-lit for many years, and this is an important feature for many commercial spaces. Making energy savings while improving the safety of people on the property is perfect for most businesses, and the right time to start is today, by speaking to the team at LED Pros World Wide. We can help most businesses to illuminate their spaces effectively, so contact us today online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures for a free quote or call 844-533-7767 now.



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