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Once upon a time, light decorations were strictly reserved for the major holiday celebrations, but these days thanks to lots of new innovations they are starting to be considered an option for all sorts of situations from simple home decor to more organized fun. Rope lights in particular are a style of LED lighting that has been found to have a plethora of different uses, both indoor and outdoor. If you are looking for some inspiration and want to see what other people have been doing with the same accessories, then here are some ideas of indoor and outdoor uses for a good quality LED rope light.

Indoor And Outdoor Uses For Our LED Rope Lights

        LED rope lights are the perfect accessory for decorating a wedding venue, particularly the party area. Depending on which brand you buy, there are often options to control the lights with your smartphone, and this can be a great addition to a celebration room where music is playing and the party atmosphere is fun and frolics. 

        Outside of a wedding, the lights are also perfect for just a disco or party room for any kind of occasion. The versatile nature of the rope lights means that they can be moved and placed in a number of different locations, which enables you to turn any kind of room into an all-out disco.

        LED rope lights are particularly popular in a conservatory, because the glass is perfect for reflection and refraction and you can transform any size of conservatory.

 –        Of course, rope lights are perfect for holiday décor. They can be used as the main lighting in any Christmas décor or be integrated with other lighting features.

      Taking things back to the wedding arena, LED rope lights are especially ideal for any type of ceremony that might be taking place outside. Not only can you hang them in trees and other elevated spots to create atmosphere, but you can also do fun things like lining the wedding aisle with LED rope lights to guide the bride down it in a stylish and innovative way. They look particularly good decorating a wedding arch/altar.

          If you want to do something to mark the holiday season, but don’t want to go all the way into the novelty shapes and figures realm, then some tastefully placed LED rope lights can be the perfect compromise. Many people like to place them around external windows and doors, and some even like to arrange them in specific patterns on roofs to create a really fun and eye catching effect from a distance. Their versatility means that the possibilities are endless.

 –      Rope lights can also be used in corporate and commercial settings.  They can line walkways or draw attention to display areas.

If you have been convinced by one or more of these ideas for versatile indoor and outdoor LED rope lights, then the next step is to invest in some for yourself. Check out the range at Industrial Lighting Fixtures, a company with all of the stock and expertise to be able to point you in the right direction. 


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