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There was a time when lighting your outdoor area came with two options. You either lit it up and gave it character and/or an atmosphere. Or you lit it up economically. In the old days, if you wanted your courtyard lights to give the atmosphere or character of your outdoor area, then you had to be willing to pay more for power because it is a power-hungry endeavor.

However, these days, you can light your outdoor areas with LED Courtyard Post Lighting. You can get them in a range of colors, and brightness and you can even buy dimmable bulbs, and none of them are power hungry. In fact, you can slather your outdoors with plenty of atmospheric lighting, and it still costs less than it did just ten years ago.

The Clinical Look

Your standard LED courtyard lighting goes for a bright and clean light. This is obviously because the courtyard has cameras that need to see clearly, or because people are walking and/or working in the area and so need clear light.

However, do not overlook the simple and basic white light. It may look a little clinical, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t look stale. Plus, if you have color and/or textured surfaces in your outdoor area, then it brings them out in a way that sunlight doesn’t.

Mix Up Your Outdoor Lights for More Atmosphere

A Warmer Atmosphere

Many people think that making a place look warm indoors is the same as outdoors, but it is just not true in most circumstances. If you want to make something like a living room or bar look warm indoors, then you have dimmed lights with hints of red and yellow. The classic fake fire using LED lights can recreate this warm effect because of the careful use of dimmed white light, reds, and oranges.

It doesn’t quite work the same when you are thinking about LED courtyard lighting. Red doesn’t show up so well outside in the dark, especially since lighting a courtyard or garden requires more light than your average living room. Instead of dimming your lights, use light yellow lights and/or lights with a yellowish tint.

This fools the eye into thinking you are looking at dimmed light when it is dark outside. Then, you may add your oranges and red lights strategically placed around the yard or garden to create the desired warm effect. See LED Courtyard Lighting for Safety and Ambiance

The Stark Look

There are several ways to describe this look. Some think of it as Frankenstein’s laboratory look, or the horror look, or the Gothic look, but it goes something like this. You light certain areas while leaving others in darkness. You light your statues, your benches, and especially your water features, and you light them with spotlights.

Mix Up Your Outdoor Lights for More Atmosphere

The rest of the outdoor area is lit rather dimly, if at all. This type of LED courtyard lighting is very striking, especially if you use a few lights with a light blue tinge. Paint your outdoor area with sharp lights and shadows to create a very dark and Gothic feel. See LED Courtyard Lighting – Advantages & Disadvantages

Getting More for Less

The fact is that LED lighting is far less costly to run than old-fashioned bulbs. Plus, they come in a range of colors, types, shapes, powers, and brightness varieties. You can be as inventive and creative as you like, and it will only have a slight effect on your power bills. For all your LED bulb needs, visit us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures and let your creative side loose on your outdoor areas.


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