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LED Courtyard Lighting – Advantages & Disadvantages

LED courtyard lighting

We often hear about the benefits of LED courtyard lighting, but are there any downsides? Actually, there are a few, but they are relative to use and depend on who you buy your LED lights from. If you are buying super cheap LED lights and cannot figure out why they only last three months, then […]

Can You Light a Courtyard for Less?

LED post top fixtures

Of course, you can light your courtyard for less. The revolution that is LED lighting has come about, and now you can brighten your outdoor areas for a fraction of the cost you would have paid just ten years ago. You can get everything from floodlights to LED post top lamps, and even though the […]

Mix Up Your Outdoor Lights for More Atmosphere

LED building light

There was a time when lighting your outdoor area came with two options. You either lit it up and gave it character and/or an atmosphere. Or you lit it up economically. In the old days, if you wanted your courtyard lights to give the atmosphere or character of your outdoor area, then you had to […]

LED Courtyard Lighting for Safety and Ambiance

LED courtyard lighting

When you think about excellent patio lighting or courtyard lighting, your thoughts may immediately turn to what you have at your home. You know that your personal patio has just the lighting you need to set the mood, make everyone comfortable, and safely light the way. While you may associate that kind of lighting only […]