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Of course, you can light your courtyard for less. The revolution that is LED lighting has come about, and now you can brighten your outdoor areas for a fraction of the cost you would have paid just ten years ago. You can get everything from floodlights to LED post top lamps, and even though the bulbs are not cheap, they pay for themselves over and over again with power savings.

The LED Light Has Been Around For Years

Believe it or not, LED lighting was around 20 years ago. For the longest time, LED lights were relegated to Christmas tree lights, and all but the most energy-saving bed and breakfast locations. Yet, these days there are LED lights on signs, on carnival rides, in homes, down mines, and just about everywhere you can find bulbs.

So what happened? Why is it that things like LED post top lamps and LED floodlights are only available now when they have existed for decades? In truth, despite the conspiracy theories about “Big Lightbulb” keeping LEDs down, the fact is that LEDs were simply overlooked as viable lighting sources.

Can You Light a Courtyard for Less?

Some claim that the manufacture of “Good Quality” LED lights was not possible until now, but that is also not true. Perfectly functional, long-lasting, and energy-saving LED bulbs have been around since the late sixties. The fact is that nobody thought LEDs were viable lighting options.

The Old Energy Saving Bulbs

There was a brief period in history when we all had to endure energy-saving bulbs. We started with incandescent bulbs, which are the type that is cheap to produce, but expensive to run. Then, we had Fluorescent lights for years, and then we had what was known as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These CFLs were slow to light, and it took a while before they produced a strong white light.

Even when people were actively manufacturing CFLs as energy-saving bulbs, nobody thought of using LEDs. Even though LEDs produce far fewer toxic waste products, they are more environmentally friendly to produce, they use far less energy than CFLs, and LEDs work quickly and last longer. Yet, while people were touting the benefits of energy-saving CFL bulbs, the far superior LED sat in the background (ignored).

Two Ways That LED Lights Save You Money

Let’s say that you want to light your outdoor area with a massive floodlight. This is a fine option, but the big light needs to be fairly high up so that it casts light everywhere. You can have LED flood lights if you wish, and this will cost you far less to run than any other type of floodlight.

Can You Light a Courtyard for Less?

However, since LEDs are so plentiful, and since they cost so little to run, you can use several of them dotted around your courtyard. You can create a far less intense light and can create a far more even light with things such as LED post top lamps, floor lights, or even overhead lights if you wish.

Your choices are fairly open when it comes to how you light your courtyard without it costing you a fortune. Take a look at the Industrial Lighting Fixtures and see which types of LEDs suit your outdoor lighting needs.



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