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Clam Shell Pole Base Covers - M86L

From $600

Product Overview

The CLP-M86 series offers premium decorative 2-piece base covers designed for commercial light poles. Available in two sizes, CLP-M86-L and CLP-M86-S, these versatile covers enhance the aesthetic appeal of lighting installations while providing protection for pole bases. Engineered for durability and easy installation, the clamshell pole base covers are ideal for a wide range of commercial and urban lighting applications.


Key Features

– Two-piece design for easy installation and maintenance

– Compatible with various base plate sizes and pole diameters

– Available in two sizes to suit different aesthetic and functional needs

– Durable construction for long-lasting performance

– Wide range of color options to match any architectural style

– Designed to accommodate 4″ and 5″ outside diameter poles


Technical Specifications

CLP-M86-L (Large):

– Height: 36″

– Diameter: 20″

– Compatible with base plates: 9″, 12″ square, or 18″ round


CLP-M86-S (Small):

– Height: 29″

– Diameter: 18″


Both models:

– Pole compatibility: 4″ and 5″ outside diameters

– Material: [Specify material, e.g., cast aluminum, steel]

– Finish: Powder coat (thickness to be specified)



– Commercial parking lots

– Shopping centers

– Educational campuses

– Municipal street lighting

– Parks and recreational areas

– Industrial complexes

– Residential developments


Customization Options

– Standard Colors: Bronze, Black, Gray, White

– Custom colors available upon request


Ordering Information

When placing an order, please use the following format:

CLP-M86-[Size Code]-[Color Code]-[Pole Diameter]

Size Codes:

– L for Large (36″ x 20″)

– S for Small (29″ x 18″)

Example: CLP-M86-L-BRZ-4 (for a large cover in bronze finish for a 4″ diameter pole)


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