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Clam Shell Pole Base Covers - DB09 -Wide

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Product Overview

The DB09 Decorative Clamshell Pole Base Cover with a wide, low-profile design offers a sleek and modern solution for concealing commercial light pole bases. This innovative design combines a generous diameter with a subtle height, creating an aesthetically pleasing profile that enhances the overall appearance of outdoor lighting installations without overwhelming the surrounding landscape.


Key Features

– Wide 16 7/8″ diameter for comprehensive base coverage

– Low-profile 18 1/2″ height for a subtle, refined look

– Clamshell design for effortless installation and maintenance

– Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials

– Available in standard and custom color options

– Seamlessly blends with contemporary urban design elements


Technical Specifications

– Model: DB09

– Type: Wide, Low-Profile Decorative Clamshell Pole Base Cover

– Height: 18 1/2 inches

– Diameter: 16 7/8 inches

– Material: High-impact, UV-resistant polymer

– Standard Colors: Bronze, Black, Gray, White

– Custom color options available

– [Include information on compatible pole sizes and base plate dimensions if available]


– Modern commercial districts

– Tech campuses and innovation hubs

– Contemporary parks and public spaces

– Sleek retail environments

– Minimalist architectural projects

– Transit-oriented developments

– Upscale residential communities


Customization Options

– Custom color matching for precise aesthetic integration

– Optional textured or matte finishes

– Custom branding or neighborhood identifiers

– Specialized coatings for extreme environments



A 5-year limited warranty protects the DB09 Clamshell Pole Base Cover against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and environmental conditions.



– Innovative clamshell design allows for quick, tool-free installation

– Compatible with both new installations and existing pole retrofits

– Includes all necessary mounting hardware

– Comprehensive installation guide provided



– Highly resistant to environmental stressors and UV degradation

– Easy to clean with standard maintenance procedures

– Periodic inspection recommended for optimal long-term performance


Durability Features

– Engineered to withstand urban environmental challenges

– Impact-resistant to protect against accidental damage

– Non-conductive material for added safety around electrical components


Design Integration

– Low profile complements horizontal architectural elements

– Wide diameter provides a stable visual base for lighting structures

– Can be coordinated with other site furnishings for a cohesive look


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