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If you are responsible for maintaining large spaces outdoors, you want to do all you can to make sure the areas are safe to use for all that come along. This means providing ideal conditions for employees, commuters, customers, visitors, and more. You maintain the areas, make sure parking is ample, areas are clear of debris, and there are no issues that could cause damage to vehicles or pose physical threats to people.

Involved in all this safety work is also the lighting you need to offer in these areas. You will find that making use of the High Mast Lighting fixtures from us at LED Pros Worldwide provides you with lights that can meet the various purposes you may need them for. Read LED High Mast Lighting

LED High Mast Lighting AURORA Series by Arrlux Outdoor Area Lighting

A Light for Large Areas

High mast lighting is the lighting you will typically find used in large areas. If you maintain a parking lot at a train station or sports arena, the high mast light can be ideal for you. These lights are designed to stand tall and cast lighting over broader areas. They will give travelers and customers the lighting required so that they feel safe in their vehicles when they park to commute or go inside the stadium to see a game or show. Since LED lights distribute light in a better way, emitting the light more evenly so that it covers a surface area more effectively.

High Mast Light Fixtures are Taller

High Mast Lighting fixtures are going to be much taller than many of the fixtures you may be accustomed to seeing. Standard streetlights may be set on poles that are set at approximately thirty feet high. A High mast light will be much taller. The fixtures are usually on poles anywhere from sixty feet high to up to 250 feet tall. 

Applications of light of this nature are for places like railyards, transportation hubs, parking lots, outdoor storage areas, and the like. Because the lights are LED, they also require less maintenance. They are made to last longer, making them more efficient and cost-effective for you and your business.

LED High Mast Lighting

Ordering a High Mast Light

If you believe an LED high mast light can be best for your business needs, you will want to look at what we have available here at LED Pros Worldwide. We specialize in offering commercial light fixtures for many industrial uses. We can also equip you with the poles and accessories you may need so you can do all your purchasing at one location. To see what products we offer and what may suit your needs the best, please visit our website and look over the selections available. Shop LED Lighting

When you are ready to place an order, have questions, or need assistance deciding what may be best for your needs, visit us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures give us a call at (844) 533-7767. We have representatives available to speak with you so that you can buy the lighting that allows you to provide the safety you need.


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