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Explosion-proof lighting LED is one of the most sought-after lighting solutions for businesses. However, many business owners are still wondering what is it exactly. They often confused it with other terms. In this post, you will know exactly what it is and where is the best place to use it. 

Where is the Best Place to Install Explosion Proof Lighting LED? 

It is commonly installed in hazardous locations. This location is an area where you store combustible materials. Because of their high concentration, they are prone to ignore a fire or cause an explosion. By law, workers must use equipment to lower the chances of igniting flammable materials and causing a catastrophic fire. See LED Pros WorldWide for any LED Explosion Proof High Bay Lighting needs.

Is It Portable?

In a hazardous location, you need to use a portable light to access the area. For instance, if you need to get inside a massive tank to clean or inspect it for damage, you need a portable light. The tank can contain combustible gases. Besides the safety gadget you use, you also need to bring an explosion-proof light. As mentioned, it is a type of light that minimizes the risk of igniting the gases. 

Certified Explosion Proof Lighting

Mitigate Dangers with LED Explosion Proof Lights

Hazardous locations need to use LED explosion proof lighting. But you can also encounter a light with the label “intrinsically safe.” These two are similar. They are both used to rescue the risk of igniting flammable materials. However, these two lights approach the goal differently. 

An explosion-proof light is designed to resist ignition of the flammable material that can happen in the light itself. Intrinsically safe light does not carry current to cause a spark that may ignite the flammable material. To ensure that you are using certified, explosion-proof light, the manufacturer of this light must use durable, non-sparking material. It must include features that guarantee workers are safe while working in a hazardous place. 

Certified Explosion Proof Lighting 

Before you go and shop for this type of lighting, you must buy it only from a trusted manufacturer or seller. You should also contact the seller to know the exact type of hazardous area in which the lighting can be used. There are different classes for this lighting. For instance, you can’t use an explosion-proof light certified for Class 1, Division 1 if you are going to install it in the Class 1 Division 2 area. 

Where is the Best Place to Install Explosion Proof Lighting LED?

Here at LED Pros Worldwide, we make sure that our buyers know the differences between intrinsically safe lighting and explosion-proof lighting. Before selling them industrial lighting fixtures, we ask them some questions to know whether or not the one they pick is appropriate for the area they wish to use the lighting for. 

We aim to educate our buyers. Our company does not just sell industrial lighting. Rather, we want to get to know their lighting needs so we can offer them the best explosion-proof lighting LED for the specific area they want to install it. To know more about it, make sure to contact our experts here: (844) 533-7767


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