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A commercial light pole is used in various applications. However, the most common place you will find it is in the parking lot. If you own a property that requires a parking lot, you need to ensure that proper lighting is installed. When thinking of installing with a pole, you must choose the right number of lights, pole placement, and height. 

Commercial Light Pole: Different Types

There are different types of light poles. The most popular ones are parking and flood light poles. They all vary in diameter, thickness, and length. 

How to Determine the Best Commercial Light Pole Height? 

Before you even design the stage for your parking lot lighting, it is best that you talk to an expert. The expert can do the research and find out if the area has maximum mounting height allowances. Most parking lot lights have mounting heights ranging from 12 feet to 20 feet. But it can reach as high as 35 feet. You need to know the size of the parking lot or the area where you wish to install the pole. It can significantly help in determining the height of the poles. Generally, larger areas need higher poles. 

Commercial Light Pole: Different Types

Avoid This 

When considering the size and height of the light pole, you have to take into account the population density of the area. You don’t want the light to extend outside of your property. If the area is surrounded by other properties, it may need shorter poles. This will prevent glare issues to arise. However, if the area is in a rural community, you will need taller poles. 

Spacing of the Fixtures 

When you know the mounting height, you still need to decide the spacing of the fixtures. Generally, the higher the pole, the fewer poles you will have to install. Then, you also have to consider the beam angles. You can talk to our experts at LED Pros Worldwide to help you figure out the proper beam angles for the project and how to illuminate parking lots with our commercial light pole.

Why LED Pros Worldwide? 

Our main website, Industrial Lighting Fixtures is the marketplace for all commercial and residential LED lighting fixtures. You can use the products in various applications. Whether you want to install them in factories, manufacturing plants, or in your garden, our products can be of help.  Decorative Light Poles and Base Covers

How Tall is a Commercial Light Pole

Energy Efficient Lighting 

When shopping for lighting technology, you will realize that it is evolving. New lights develop every day. As a business owner or a facility manager, you may be searching for energy-efficient light that can also offer better results. LED Pros Worldwide offers anything that you need to light up your commercial space. The company is the go-to place for many business owners or facility managers to find better, more efficient LED lighting that can last longer. 

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