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When you are working in a closed environment, and need to use industrial lighting to make sure that your workers can see, you have to find something which is reliable and secure. You will need lighting that is designed to be used in dangerous positions and is intended to prevent the possibility of a spark becoming an ignition source. With class 1 division 1 LED lighting, the potential for a spark is reduced by having the spark housed in hard-wearing material that is intended to contain the spark.

Protect Your Workers With Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting

What Is The Situation?

Hazardous conditions where there is a high likelihood of vapors and gases that could become ignited are known as class 1 locations. This is an area where there is a high likelihood of danger, and the gases and vapors could build up to the point where they are capable of producing an explosion or mingling together with a high potential for ignition. In areas of specific danger, the classes may be divided into one of two divisions. Division 1, the class we are interested in, is an area where the atmosphere may lead to an explosive mixture of particular vapors, gases, or liquids

This can occur during normal working situations and is the most common type of Division 1. This division also covers areas where gases often occur due to maintenance or repair requirements, or where equipment breakdown may cause the release of gases or vapors in flammable concentrations. Unsurprisingly, the type of lighting in these situations must be there to prevent the potential for ignition. Read LED Explosion Proof Flood Lighting

The Type Of Lighting You Should Use

To prevent ignition from occurring with flammable gases, it is essential that you only choose lights that are compatible with a Class 1 Division 1 requirement. LED lighting is particularly good for this type of operation, as the spark that is required to initiate the light can be surrounded by heavy-duty materials intended to prevent the ignition of surrounding gases. Because the heavy-duty material prevents the spark from reaching the atmosphere and also prevents gases from arriving in the area of the spark, the LED lights effectively prevent the spark and the gas from coming together to create a flammable situation. By buying a light that is compatible with a class I situation, you can prevent a very dangerous fire. Read LED Explosion Proof Exit Signs

The Type Of Lighting You Should Use

Buy Your LED Lighting From Us

When you know that you are about to enter a class 1 division 1 area, LED lighting is vital. We are fully compliant with all the requirements for a class 1 situation and can provide you with suitable lighting equipment. To find out more about how LED Pros Worldwide can help your team protect themselves in problematic situations, contact us today. You can choose to message us online today using our online form, or you can call us toll-free at (844) 533-7767 to ask us any questions about our lighting now.


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