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What is Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting?

Class 1 division 1 LED lighting

Class 1 Division 1 LED lighting (C1, D1) is mostly used in hazardous and very hazardous locations and areas. They are used to prevent high voltage and/or high amperage equipment from producing a spark or very hot elements (aka. a source of ignition). The obvious point is that you don’t see many LED lights giving […]

What to Consider Before Buying Commercial Industrial Lighting

commercial industrial lighting

Even though it may not seem like much has changed over the last one hundred years when it comes to lighting, the truth is that technology has come very far in that time. Compared to what lighting once was like for commercial businesses, you now have greater flexibility to do more that can help your […]

Play At Night With LED Sports Lighting Fixtures

led sports lighting fixtures

Sporting events take place throughout the year, often at times of the day when the sun is setting, and the sky is getting darker. The competitive games are hard enough when you can see a ball or your competitor, but they are even harder when the ground is in the twilight, and everything is covered […]

Mitigate Dangers with LED Explosion Proof Lights

led explosion proof lighting

Many industries today operate in areas where inherent dangers exist. Everything from military bases to refineries to gas stations, flour mills, chemical plants, and other locations that deal with hazardous materials or gases has risks every day. Any place where there may be flammable liquids, gases, vapors, or materials in amounts where an explosion or […]

Protect Your Workers With Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Light H

When you are working in a closed environment, and need to use industrial lighting to make sure that your workers can see, you have to find something which is reliable and secure. You will need lighting that is designed to be used in dangerous positions and are intended to prevent the possibility of a spark […]