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Above water fishing lights are a great way to attract fish and create a beautiful ambiance around your dock or pier. They are also safer and easier to maintain than underwater lights, as they don’t require submersion or cleaning. However, not all LED above water fishing lights are created equal. When selecting the most suitable above-water fishing lights for your dock, there are a number of things to take into account.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Above Water Fishing Lights for Your Dock


When selecting dock fishing lights, brightness is a crucial consideration. Lumens, the unit of measurement for light output, determine the level of brightness emitted from a source. A higher lumen rating indicates a brighter light, but brightness also depends on the light’s angle and coverage area. Certain lights feature a narrow beam that concentrates on a limited space, while others encompass a broader area.


When selecting dock fishing lights, color is another crucial factor to take into account. Kelvins, the unit of measurement for color temperature, indicate the warmth of the light source. Lower kelvins ratings produce a warmer, yellow light, while higher ratings generate a cooler, blue light. Your dock’s ideal above water fishing lights should have a color that suits your taste and lures fish. Green LEDs are the most popular color for fishing lights, as it has a long wavelength that penetrates deep into the water and appeals to many fish species.

Above Water Fishing Lights for Your Dock

Energy Efficiency

When deciding on above water fishing lights, energy efficiency is an essential consideration. Watts, the unit of measurement for energy consumption, shows how much power a light source consumes. Lower wattage means less energy usage. However, energy efficiency is also contingent on the light source’s quality and performance. Certain lights may consume a lot of power despite having low lumen output, whereas others have a high lumen output despite a low wattage. For your dock, the best fishing lights should have a low wattage and a high lumen output to conserve energy and save money.


When selecting dock fishing lights, durability is another crucial factor to keep in mind. The lifespan and resistance of the light source measure durability. A longer lifespan indicates greater durability and higher resistance suggests better durability. Some lights come with plastic or metal casings that shield them from the elements and impacts, while others have no casings or weak casings that make them vulnerable to harm.

Above Water Fishing Lights for Your Dock


When selecting above water fishing lights, installation is another critical factor to consider. Ease and convenience of installation determine the quality of the fixture. Nevertheless, the installation also depends on the light source’s type and location. The ideal fishing lights for your dock should have an installation process that is easy, convenient, and tailored to your dock’s type and location.


If you want to improve your fishing experience and create a pleasant ambiance around your pier or dock, these lights are an excellent solution. Nonetheless, not all dock fishing lights are the same. You must consider various factors when selecting the best fishing lights for your dock, including brightness, color, energy efficiency, durability, and installation. By keeping these aspects in mind, you can find the ideal above water fishing lights for your dock, enhancing your fishing experience and overall enjoyment.

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