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AGB2A LED Post Top-34" acrylic acorn globe;

From $450

 Product Overview

The AGB2A Post Top LED Luminaire is a versatile and elegant outdoor lighting solution designed for various commercial and municipal applications. This LED Acorn Post Top fixture combines classic acorn-style aesthetics with modern LED technology, making it ideal for illuminating streets, parks, walkways, and other outdoor spaces.


Key Features

– Cast aluminum construction for durability

– 29A Acrylic Acorn globe for classic appearance

– Energy-efficient LED technology

– Options for integrated LED or removable LED bulb

– Type V light distribution for wide area coverage

– Polyester powder-coat finish electrostatically applied and thermocured

– Stainless steel fasteners for corrosion resistance


Technical Specifications

– Height: 34″

– Width: 17.25″

– Post Top EPA: 1.459 ft²

– Mounting: 3.1″ inside diameter post top

– Voltage: 100-277V

– Color Temperature options: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

– Efficiency:

  – Integrated LED: 110 lm/W

  – Removable LED Bulb: 120-140 lm/W

– Wattage options:

  – Integrated LED: 30W, 50W

  – Removable LED Bulb: 18W, 27W, 36W, 54W

– Lumen output: 2,520 to 7,600 lumens (depending on model)


– Street lighting

– Park illumination

– Walkways and pathways

– Residential areas

– Commercial spaces

– Parking lots

– College campuses


Customization Options

– Finish colors: Black, Dark Bronze, Dark Green, Verde Green

– LED type: Integrated LED or Removable LED Bulb

– Socket options: Medium Socket, Mogul Socket (for removable bulb options)

– Photocell option available

– Compatible with all Brandon Industries 3″ and 4″ poles, and 5″ poles with a tenon


Ordering Information

Use the following ordering guide to specify your desired configuration:




Additional Information

– Fits all Brandon Industries 3″ and 4″ poles and 5″ poles with a tenon

– Photocell option available for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation


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