LED Sports Lighting Fixtures - Stadium Eyes

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Product Overview

The U-SEL LED Stadium Eyes Lighting Series is a high-performance, energy-efficient lighting solution designed for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. These fixtures feature high luminous efficiency, long lifespan, and excellent optics design, making them ideal for large outdoor fields, sports stadiums, parks, shipyards, airports, and many other applications.


Key Features

– LED high luminous efficiency and long working life (up to 75,000 hours)

– High efficiency LED Driver with wide range input voltage (AC120-277V / 277-480V)

– Die-cast aluminum cooling design for better heat dissipation (LED Tj < 85℃)

– Excellent optics design for improved light utilization and evenness

– Optional 12V auxiliary dimming/Dali dimming


Certifications and Compliance

– DLC Listed

– Wet location rated

– UL Recognized Component (Wireless Lighting Controller)

– CE, FCC/IC certified (Wireless Lighting Controller)

Technical Specifications

– Wattages: 400W, 600W

– Lumen Output: 56,800 lm (400W), 85,200 lm (600W)

– Efficacy: 140 lm/W

– CCT: 4000K, 5000K

– CRI: 80

– Lighting Angle: NEMA III, IV, V

– Power Factor: 0.95

– Driver Efficacy: 92%

– Working Temperature: -22ºF ~ 113ºF

– Storage Temperature: -40ºF ~ 176ºF



– Large outdoor fields

– Stadiums

– Riding arenas

– Baseball and football fields

– Parks

– Docks and shipyards

– Airports


Customization Options- Voltage:

AC120-277V or AC277-480V

– CCT: 4000K or 5000K

– Finish: Dark Bronze, White, Black, or Silver

– Light Angle: NEMA III, NEMA IV, or NEMA V

– Mounting: Slip Fitter, Arm, or Trunnion

– Control: Optional Wireless Lighting Controller

– Safety Device: Optional Surge Protection Device



– 5-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

Example: WSD-SE40W27-XXK-Z[D, W, B, S]-NM[N3,N4,N5] U[S, A, T]-G[BLANK, L]-F[BLANK, SPD]

– Product: SE (Stadium Eyes Light Series)

– Wattage: 40W (400W), 60W (600W)

– Voltage: 27 (AC120-277V), 48 (AC277-480V)

– CCT: 40K (4000K), 50K (5000K)

– Finish: D (Dark Bronze), W (White), B (Black), S (Silver)

– Light Angle: N3 (NEMA III), N4 (NEMA IV), N5 (NEMA V)

– Mounting: S (Slip Fitter), A (Arm), T (Trunnion)

– Control: Blank or L (Wireless Lighting Controller)

– Safety Device: Blank or SPD (Surge Protection Device)

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