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LED Gas Station Canopy Lights - U-GSCS

From $200

Product Overview

The U-GSCS LED Gas Station Canopy Series represents the pinnacle of high-performance and decorative lighting for commercial environments. This innovative lighting solution seamlessly blends powerful illumination with aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for discerning businesses. Engineered to excel in both form and function, the series offers a striking visual presence while delivering exceptional lighting quality.

The LED canopy lights‘  design caters to the unique ambiance requirements of gas stations, museums, art galleries, and upscale retail spaces, elevating the overall architectural aesthetic while ensuring optimal visibility and safety. With its combination of cutting-edge LED technology, energy efficiency, and stylish appearance, the U-GSCS series stands out as a premium lighting option that enhances the visual appeal of any commercial space while meeting stringent performance standards.

Key Features

– High luminous efficiency and long working life

– Wide range input voltage (AC120-277V)

– Die-cast aluminum cooling design for optimal thermal management

– Excellent optics design for improved light utilization and evenness

– Water-resistant housing suitable for wet locations

– 1-10V dimming capability

– Optional motion sensor control for enhanced energy savings


Technical Specifications

– Wattage Options: 95W, 120W, 150W, 200W

– Lumen Output: 12,721 lm (95W) to 28,390 lm (200W)

– Efficacy: 130-140 lm/W

– Color Temperature: 4000K, 5000K

– CRI: 70

– Input Voltage: AC120-277V

– Beam Angle: 105º-111º (varies by wattage)

– Power Factor: 0.95-0.98

– Driver Efficiency: 90-93%

– Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours

– Operating Temperature: -22ºF to 113ºF (-30°C to 45°C)

– Storage Temperature: -40ºF to 176ºF (-40°C to 80°C)

– Outdoor Rating: Wet location


– Gas Stations

– Museums

– Art Galleries

– Shopping Malls

– Parking Garages

– Other indoor and outdoor commercial spaces


Customization Options

– Wattage selection: 95W, 120W, 150W, 200W

– Color temperature: 4000K, 5000K

– Finish options: Dark Bronze (D), White (W), Black (B), Silver (S)

– Optional motion sensor control



5-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

Use the following format to specify your desired configuration:


Example: CP95W27-50K-ZW-EM

– Wattage: 95W, 12W (120W), 15W (150W), 20W (200W)

– CCT: 40K (4000K), 50K (5000K)

– Finish: ZD (Dark Bronze), ZW (White), ZB (Black), ZS (Silver)

– Control: Leave blank for standard, M for motion sensor


Additional Information

– Optical lens made of high-quality glass material for even, soft light distribution

– Input connection cable included (0.7m)

– Photometric data available for precise lighting design

– Two size options available:

  – 95W/120W: 16.53″ x 16.53″ x 4.33″

  – 150W/200W: 18″ x 18″ x 4.33″


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