all in one solar led garden light

All In One Solar Garden Lights

All In One Solar Garden Lights are premium outdoor area lighting widely used in courtyards, schools, roadway, street, factory, park paths, rural, mountainous area or any remote area lighting project. Call for pricing today toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767) All In One Solar Garden Lights All In One Solar Garden Lights by Solway featuring a Dual more »

all in one solar flood light

All In One Solar Flood Lights

All In One Solar Flood Lights are commercial and industrial grade powerful outdoor solar LED flood lights, providing illumination to remote areas and any other location that lacks a traditional power source. Solar flood lights can operate for up to 8 hours at a time without needing to charge and can operate at full brightness more »

NSF Certified LED Lighting

NSF Certified LED Lighting provides high bay and low bay lighting in warehouses and areas requiring NSF certification. Ideal for food processing factories, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics, plant, dust-free plant, winery, supermarket etc. NSF Certified LED Lighting are dust tight luminares,designed for easy cleaning, can withstand close-range high pressure cleaning and resistant to harsh cleaning solvents. more »

cob led inground light

LED Inground Lighting

LED Inground Lighting in small, medium and large Sizes with various beam angles providing the proper accent lighting for your commercial or industrial landscape.  Call for pricing today toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767) LED Inground Lighting LED Inground Lighting by Tangsong features COB LED; a unique structure; waterproof; premium, artistic design, wide application; IP67; aluminum + more »

led explosion proof vapor tight jelly jar

LED Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Jelly Jar

LED Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Jelly Jar for use in hazardous and adverse locations such as Chemical, Petro-chemical Plants, Refineries, manufacturers of paints and thinners and in other processing areas where ignitable vapors, dusts, moisture, and corrosive elements may be present. Features Globe Refractor, Ceiling, Pendant Mount, Wall Mount, Wire Guard, Wet Location, Die-Cast Aluminum more »

led obstruction light double

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

LED Aircraft Warning Lights offers  a completet line of aviation obstruction lighting solutions and beacons that help aircrafts avoid collisions by marking structures that occupy airspace. Meeting obstruction light requirements across multiple industries-Telecomm towers, Radio towers, Cooling Towers; Cable-stayed bridges; Wind turbines, Smoke stacks & Chimney, Tall buildings, Crane, Power transmission lines. LED aircraft warning more »

LED Linear Strip Lights

LED Linear Strip Lights are an excellent choice for either continuous row or stand-alone applications. Ideal use for locker rooms, aisles, walkways, garages, workshops, and warehouses. An Excellent choice for grocery, retail, warehouse, shop, storage, utility, coves, and any general lighting. High quality, durable LED strip lightig with a luxurious high-end look, suspended from chains more »

LED Floral Display Case Lighting

LED Floral Display Case Lighting features LED refrigerated display case lights which are guaranteed to help your elegant floral arrangements and beautiful bouquets project that fresh-from-the-garden look. LED floral lights provide a full spectrum, true color lighting which is necessary to show the true colors of your flowers. Use of the 5000K color temperature and more »

LED Marine Navigation Lights

LED Marine Navigation Lights Applications – Navigation aid, Port, dock entrance & walkway, Buoy marking, Offshore gas & oil platform. Self-contained LED lanterns for buoys and beacons, obstruction marking, Solar Powered Marine Navigation port Light. Red and green sidelights visible from a distance of at least two miles away—or if less than 39.4 feet (12 more »