Commercial LED Bollard Lights for your Outdoor Spaces

Commercial LED bollard lights are a type of outdoor lighting that is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential use. They offer a number of advantages over traditional incandescent and halogen lights, including: * Increased energy efficiency: LED lights use less energy to produce the same amount of light, which can save money on […]

What you need to know about LED aircraft warning lights

heliport perimeter light

Flying can be dangerous especially during bad weather when visibility is extremely low. A helicopter, which generally flies low, and an airplane flying low to land or take off may fly into tall structures and cause a serious disaster. That is why aircraft warning lights are put in place to warn pilots of existing obstructions […]

Why Are LED Aircraft Warning Lights Necessary?

led obstruction light double

LED Aircraft Warning Lights As the aviation sector expands, the requirement for safe and dependable airplane warning lights becomes more critical. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the safety of pilots and passengers at LED Pros WorldWide, which is why we provide a variety of high-quality LED aircraft warning lights. Why Are LED Aircraft Warning […]

What Type of Manufacturing Facilities Require High Bay Lighting

manufacturing facilities

High-bay LED lights offer the best lighting for spaces with high ceilings ranging from 20ft to 40ft. Because high-ceiling structures have a lot of space to fill, high-bay lights fit in seamlessly as they are able to brighten large enclosed spaces. Find out why these high temperatures are perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. When […]

ATEX LED Explosion Proof Lighting

atex ii g ex fuel pumping canopy light

ATEX LED Explosion Proof Lighting fixtures are ATEX and IECEx certified, suitable for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. Providing safe lighting products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres where the presence of flammable gas, vapor or dust poses a potential explosion risk. ATEX Explosion Proof Lights meet international standards certification for use […]

Solar Flashing Traffic Beacons

solar flashing traffic beacon sm

Solar Flashing Traffic Beacons are rapid flashing, 24 hours/day warning lights for unlighted vehicular roadways, RR crossings, and bridge abutments which increase driver and pedestrian awareness on the roads and other driving areas. Available in amber (yellow) or red LEDs in s single or dual head configurations, solar traffic beacons are ideal as warning applications […]

LED Above Water Fishing Lights

fish attracting led lights green

LED Above Water Fishing Lights are used in night fishing from the boat, dock or pier and illuminate the top of the water to attract plankton which in return attracts baitfish. The larger game fish then are attracted to the light and feed on the baitfish. LED Above Water Fishing Lights are perfect for attracting […]

Solar Camping Lights

soltab solar floodlight

Solar Camping Lights are the easiest way to generate rechargeable lighting that will keep your campsite illuminated without harming the ecosystem. Solar camp lights are easy to carry and have great capacity during the night. Hang the fixtures in the tent or mount them on a tripod during the night. The light not only provides […]

A Quick Guide to Installing Outdoor LED Strip Lights

led rope lights

LEDs are so popular these days because they use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they last 25 times longer. They are now viciously popular, which is why so many varieties have sprung up from seemingly nowhere. Here are a few thoughts on how you install your outdoor LED strip lights. Choosing the Right […]

What Are the Differences Between High Bay Lighting and Low Bay Lighting

LED high bay lighting

You more often see LED high bay lighting in places like industrial settings, commercial areas, and yards. However, some modern green homes have high-bay lighting, and Will Smith’s multi-house mansion is full of them as they light the way from his various rooms to his tennis courts and other house segments. Though there is no […]