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SB-8-Brand: Brandon Wide Decorative cover

From $400

Product Overview

The SB-80 Two-Piece Pole Base Cover exemplifies innovation in urban infrastructure design, offering a sophisticated solution for light poles in diverse commercial and public environments. This compact yet robust foundation piece stands as a testament to the fusion of practical engineering and aesthetic consideration.

With its sleek profile measuring 15.5 inches in height and 13 inches in width, the SB-80 clam shell pole base cover strikes an ideal balance between visibility and spatial efficiency. The two-piece construction is a hallmark of modern design thinking, facilitating quick installation and adaptability to various signage needs without compromising on stability or appearance.

The SB-80 is more than just a base; it’s a crucial component in creating cohesive urban landscapes and effective communication systems. Whether deployed in bustling city centers, sprawling business parks, or tranquil recreational areas, this versatile base provides a uniform and professional foundation for your light pole strategy.


Key Features

– Two-piece construction for easy installation

– Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners

– Durable polyester powder-coat finish

– Multiple color options available

– Compact yet sturdy design


Technical Specifications

– Height: 15.5″

– Width: 13″

– Construction: Two-piece base

– Fasteners: Stainless Steel

– Finish: Polyester Powder-Coat, electrostatically applied and thermocured


– Street and traffic signage

– Wayfinding systems

– Park and recreational area signs

– Commercial property signage

– Municipal information displays


Customization Options

Available colors:

– BK: Black

– DB: Dark Bronze

– GN: Dark Green



1-Year limited warranty


Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify:

– Product code: SB-80

– Quantity required

– Desired finish color (BK, DB, or GN)


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