Burger King restaurants reduce energy using LED fixtures by retrofitting ceiling troffers with 2×2 LED linear tubes. The New Jersey franchises have experienced annual energy savings of over $2200 each. Energy cost was reduced by more than 65%. Lifetime energy savings (7 years or 60,000 rated hours) for the restaurant interiors is estimated at $18,000 per facility when maintenance and 3% annual increases in energy costs are factored in.

The interior lighting upgrades in the Burger King Restaurants consisted of replacing four T8s in each fluorescent troffer (128W each) with four 12W LED linear tubes — converting 2×4-ft troffers to 2×2-ft troffers for a 65% energy savings.

Burger King Restaurants Reduce Energy Using LED Fixtures

In the kitchen areas, cool white (5000K) fixtures were used while warmer tubes (4000K) were used in dining areas. Because the restaurants are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, the lifetime energy savings (60,000 hr or 7 years) is $15,000. Lifetime savings is estimated at up to $18,000 when factoring in maintenance and annual increases in energy cost of 3%. see LED T8 Tubes

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