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What you need to know about LED aircraft warning lights

heliport perimeter light

Flying can be dangerous, especially during bad weather when visibility is extremely low. A helicopter, which generally flies low, and an airplane flying low to land or take off may fly into tall structures and cause a serious disaster. That is why aircraft warning lights are put in place to warn pilots of existing obstructions […]

LED Airfield Lighting

LED Airfield Lighting   LED Airfield Lighting LED Airfield Lighting – Precision Approach Path Indicator     LED Airfield Lighting – Airfield Runway Guard Light     LED Airfield Lighting – Solar Airfield Marking Light Taxiway Lights – SL10 can be used in airfield runway and taxiway marking, self-contained, maintenance-free solar-powered airfield marking light.    […]

LED Heliport Lighting

psl  flush helipad light

LED Heliport Lighting offers a full line of LED and NVG Compatible heliport lights to fit your needs. Helicopters are used for far more these days. Beyond police copters, ambulances, and live organ delivery. There are companies built on helicopter travel, from those doing guided tours of areas, to package delivery and travel companies sending […]