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Commercial hand dryers eliminate labor and janitorial costs of paper towels and are much more efficient than old style hand dryers. These newer automatic hand dryers are high speed, high output and actually dry your hands in 10 seconds. Comac BLAST commercial hand dryers use electricity in order to blow warm air onto a persons hands. These are perfect for washrooms found in commercial centers like malls, restaurants, theaters and offices. Electric hand dryers are the perfect substitute for towels or tissue paper.

The new Comac Blast automatic hand dryer combines unsurpassed drying speed, and “universal voltage” with a compact, modern design. The Blast high-speed hand dryer simultaneously blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture, drying hands completely in approximately 10 seconds! Using 1/6th of the energy used by conventional commercial hand dryers, Blast is extremely environmentally friendly. It costs up to 95% less than paper towels to operate, and compared to conventional warm air dryers, costs 80% less to run!

How many times have you entered a public restroom and witnessed masses of damp, unhygienic, paper towel overflowing from the trash cans and scattered across the floors? Have you tried to dry your hands only to find the paper towel dispenser is either broken or just out of paper?

The clear solution is high-speed, commercial hand dryers such as the Comac Blast. The Blast, high-speed, automatic hand dryer eliminates unhygienic paper towel mess, eliminates vandalism from clogged toilets, they reduce costs in paper towel supplies, and they reduce bacteria or germs by drying hands completely in 10-15 seconds.

Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial hand dryers used in schools, offices, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing facilities, warehouses are environmentally friendly and save money. Hand dryers eliminate the labor costs associated with paper and linen, including regular purchasing, inventory and stocking, re-filling dispensers, general washroom clean up, garbage disposal labor and the extra disposal cost of the paper.

Facility managers often complain that paper-towel dispensers result in increased maintenance work, as restroom users are regrettably messy when it comes to disposing of used towels. That means more cleaning chemicals must be manufactured and used, their plastic bottles disposed of. Paper towels also require frequent replacement of plastic trash-can liners, which must be carted off to the landfill when full.Paper is often used to clog toilets and sinks or is set on fire in institutional and industrial settings, incurring hefty costs. It is generally agreed that up to one hour of labor is associated with every case of paper towel. In contrast, hand dryers are always on duty and require virtually no maintenance. Facility managers can reasonably expect a 90% savings over the lifetime of commercial hand dryers.

The environmental argument for hand dryers is self-evident: paper towels require the destruction of trees and forests and result in water pollution. Whether or not an establishment is forced through local legislation to reduce non-recyclable waste, the environmental choice is clear. Up to 20,000 gallons of water is polluted in the production of 1 ton of paper towel. And paper towels cannot be recycled…they only add to our ever increasing landfills. When you choose a Blast automatic hand dryer instead of a paper towel dispenser, you will save millions of trees with one small gesture. Beyond saving trees, you will actually use less energy to dry your hands with a Blast hand dryer than is necessary to produce the equivalent amount of paper towels.

Hand dryers also promote hygiene because washrooms are generally cleaner and more sanitary where they are used. There have been unsubstantiated claims by the paper industry that warm-air hand dryers are unsafe or have adverse health effects. In an independent study, the Mayo Clinic concluded that these claims were untrue and the question of spreading germs is answered by how you wash, not how you dry. 

The Comac Blast commercial hand dryers feature;



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