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DB-M83 Direct Burial Pole Base Cover, Two-piece Decorative Clamshell Base Cover

From $400

Product Overview

The DB-M83 is a premium 2-piece decorative clamshell pole base cover designed for direct burial light poles. This versatile and durable product enhances the aesthetic appeal of commercial and residential lighting installations while providing protection and stability to the pole base.

Direct Burial Poles Explained

Direct burial poles are designed to be inserted directly into the ground without a separate concrete foundation. These poles are typically made of materials resistant to underground moisture and corrosion, such as aluminum or treated wood. The DB-M83 two-piece pole base cover is specifically designed to work with Direct Burial Round Straight Aluminum (DBRSA) poles, providing an attractive and protective covering for the portion of the pole that emerges from the ground. This design simplifies installation, reduces costs, and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the entire lighting structure


Key Features

– Two-piece clamshell design for easy installation

– Cast aluminum construction for durability and corrosion resistance

– Suitable for 3″ or 4″ O.D. direct burial round straight aluminum poles

– Available in multiple standard colors and custom finishes

– 3 mils powder coat finish for long-lasting protection

– Compatible with both residential and commercial projects


Technical Specifications

– Dimensions: 17-1/2″ tall x 8″ OD base

– Material: Cast aluminum

– Pole Compatibility: 3″ or 4″ O.D. DBRSA (Direct Burial Round Straight Aluminum)

– Pole Thickness Options: .125″ or .187″

– Finish: 3 mils powder coat


– Pathway lighting

– Commercial Landscaping

– Residential outdoor lighting

– Parks and recreation areas

– Parking lots

– Street lighting


Customization Options

– Standard Colors: Bronze (BRZ), Gray (GRY), Black (BK), White (WH)

– Custom colors available upon request (CST)

– Compatible with various pole diameters (3″ or 4″ O.D.)


Ordering Information

When placing an order, please use the following format:

DB-M83-[Pole Diameter]-[Color Code]

Example: DB-M83-3-BRZ (for a 3″ pole diameter in bronze finish)


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