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Clam Shell Pole Base Covers - DB05 -Tall Pole base cover

From $600

Product Overview

The DB05 Tall Decorative Clamshell Pole Base Cover is a premium solution for concealing and protecting large commercial light pole bases. This imposing yet elegant two-piece pole base cover is designed to enhance the visual appeal of outdoor lighting installations while providing robust protection against environmental factors and potential damage.


Key Features

– Tall profile for maximum coverage and impact

– Accommodates 11 1/4″ square base plates

– Compatible with 4″ and 5″ outside diameter poles

– Durable construction for long-term outdoor use

– Sleek design complements modern architectural styles

– Available in standard colors with custom options


Technical Specifications

– Model: DB05

– Type: Tall Pole Base Cover

– Height: 36 1/2 inches

– Diameter: 12 inches

– Base Plate Compatibility: 11 1/4″ square

– Pole Compatibility: 4″ and 5″ outside diameters

– Material: High-impact, weather-resistant polymer

– Standard Colors: Bronze, Black, Gray, White


– Commercial districts and downtown areas

– Large parking facilities

– Sports stadiums and arenas

– Convention centers

– Airport exteriors

– Highway and major roadway lighting


Customization Options

– Custom color matching available

– Textured finish options for enhanced aesthetics



The DB05 Tall Pole Base Cover is backed by a 5-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and environmental conditions.



– Designed for easy field installation

– Split design allows for retrofit on existing poles

– Includes all necessary mounting hardware

– Detailed installation guide and support available



– Resistant to UV radiation, corrosion, and chemical exposure

– Easy to clean with standard cleaning agents

– Periodic inspection recommended for optimal performance


Durability Features

– Impact-resistant construction

– Non-conductive material for added safety

– Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions



– Engineered to work with most major light pole manufacturers

– Ideal for new installations or retrofitting existing poles

– Consult our engineering team for specific integration questions


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