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Food Grade Certified LED Lighting-XSY

From $300

Product Overview

The DIAMOND NSF Food Grade High bay is a high-performance LED lighting solution designed specifically for environments that require stringent hygiene standards. This NSF-certified fixture combines superior illumination with durability and washability, making it ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other sensitive industrial applications.


Key Features

– High efficacy: 150LM/W & 190LM/W options

– IP66 & IP69K rated: Can be washed directly

– Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to 45°C

– 115° beam angle for broad coverage

– Lumileds SMD LED for high-quality light output

– Corrosion-resistant housing

– No harmful substances or chemicals

– Optional microwave sensor for energy savings


Certifications and Compliance

– UL Listed (E357402)

– NSF Certified (Food Grade)

– [Note: Additional certifications may apply. Please confirm with manufacturer.]


Technical Specifications

– Wattage options: 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W

– Input voltage: AC100-277V / AC100-347V / AC277-480V

– Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K

– CRI: >80

– Lumen output:

  – 150LM/W: 12,000lm to 30,000lm (model dependent)

  – 190LM/W: 15,200lm to 38,000lm (model dependent)

– Dimming: 0-10V

– Dimensions: Φ17.08″ x 7.56″


– Food processing facilities

– Pharmaceutical factories

– Farm / animal buildings

– Car washes

– Fresh food shops

– Supermarkets


Customization Options

– Wattage selection

– Color temperature selection

– Input voltage options

– Housing color: White, red, blue, green, black

– Mounting options: Suspending (O-hook) or Pendant (3/4″ NPT)

– With or without microwave sensor

– Special applications: LED Fresh Food Light with specific color recipes



5-year warranty


Ordering Information

Use the following format to specify your desired configuration:


Example: XSY-HBDQ-100W-40K-AA-SV-D-T

– Q: Region (E: Europe, U: America, Blank: Australia)

– XXW: Wattage (80W, 100W, 150W, 200W)

– XXK: Color Temperature (30K, 40K, 50K, 57K)

– AA: Efficacy (A: 190lm/w, B: 150lm/w)

– Y: Input Voltage (SV: AC100-277V, LV: AC100-347V, HV: AC277-480V)

– Z: Sensor (S: With, D: Without)

– T: Mounting (D: Suspending, G: Pendant)


Additional Information

– Special LED Fresh Food Light options available for specific food display applications

– Easy installation with O-hook or pendant mounting options

– Packaging and shipping information available for bulk orders

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